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Music Discovery: kkbutterfly27xx is “obsessed with the boy”

Stream kkbutterfly27xx's new single, "obsessed with the boy," below!

You would think her feature on Barbie The Album soundtrack would’ve skyrocketed her numbers, but meme-centric hyperpop princess kkbutterfly27xx double-downed on her mastery with her new release, “obsessed with the boy.” Despite her addictive sound landing her substantial playlisting and a 63,000 Spotify audience, the release’s label credit still read, “i’m not with a label so email me if u tryna sign me x.”

“obsessed with the boy” runs through memory lane with a fully caffeinated, dairy-like cadence against a lightweight, glittery PC synth. The artist’s sound is reminiscent of PC music pioneer Hannah Diamond. However, kkbutterfly27xx cherrypicks the trap subgenre UK garage to spice up her rap verses.

Listed as one of NME’s New Bangers, the cryptic artist shared the spotlight with music trailblazers Charli XCX, Nicki Minaj, Dua Lipa, Karol G, Billie Eilish and Sam Smith for the Barbie The Album soundtrack. Even though the soundtrack debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 chart, it collectively amassed 16.2 million streams, 4.7 million in airplay, and 37,000 digital downloads during the first week.

Since her first mixtape, NTWICKK27XX, kkbutterfly27xx wormed a crunchy, gamer aesthetic into her hyperpop landscape. This is evident in her singles such as “BO1FR3N,” “Tarnished In Your Eyes,” “SLAGALICIOUS” and “NANA.” And while her Barbie contribution, titled “Barbie Freestyle,” tames that sexual ferocity, it is explicit with production prowess. All of which makes kkbutterfly27xx the most mysterious yet alluring hyperpop newcomer yet.

Listen to kkbutterfly27xx’s new single, “obsessed with the boy” below. Check out more Music Discoveries on Music Daily!

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kk butterflt
kk butterflt
7 months ago

this is so beautiful and very goodly researched omg 😭🙏 thank u sm <33