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MD Discovery: TikToker Bonnie Madison

Bonnie Madison is a singer-songwriter based in Newcastle, United Kingdom. She first entered the music scene after posting on TikTok, where she frequently shares her own songs alongside some personal comedic content.

Bonnie Madison’s Discography

Cover art for Bonnie Madison's singles Hero, Show-off, If Roses Spoke, and Something Blue

Born Alex Kara Scott, Bonnie Madison’s musical journey officially released on streaming platforms in 2022. Her first release was “Hero,” followed by “If Roses Spoke.” Later that same year, she debuted her EP, WAKE UP!  which included a track called “Crimson.” Madison had been teasing the song across her social platforms for quite some time, so Crimson’s release was well-received among her 112k followers on her TikTok page. In addition to her music, Madison is also known for her engaging and humorous social media presence. She frequently shares behind-the-scenes glimpses of her life as a musician alongside funny videos about working in retail and customer service roles.

One thing that Bonnie has a penchant for is her ability to use storytelling to write about serious topics. She’s given insight into her songwriting process with many of her songs, including tracks like “Mammy’s Boys” and “Already in Hell.”

“[Mammy’s Boys is about] the duality between men’s and women’s issues when dealing with relationships. Most of us our needs are rooted in safety, whereas a lot of theirs are rooted in vanity.”

Bonnie Madison’s explanation on the track Mammy’s Boys, via

She goes on to address topics like relationship insecurities, alcoholism, and bold political statements (found in track “Coffin Dodgers”). You can find more of her song explanations here.

Bonnie’s Debut Album, Misanthrope

Overall, it’s clear that Bonnie Madison is a talented and promising artist with a passion for music. She has been actively engaging with her growing fanbase on social media, sharing updates on her music and personal life, and connecting with listeners who appreciate her talent and authenticity. With her EP already making waves, it will be exciting to see what she has in store for the future.

There seems to be talks of a debut album, Misanthrope, on the horizon. Bonnie Madison is back to teasing new music on her TikTok account. Be sure to follow her account and keep an eye out for any news! Until then, you can stream WAKE UP! and her other songs on Spotify and Apple Music.

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