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Caroline Rose Releases Cathartic ‘The Art Of Forgetting’

Genre-bending singer, songwriter, and producer Caroline Rose reinvents themself with The Art Of Forgetting

‘The Art Of Forgetting’

Genre-bending singer, songwriter, musician and producer Caroline Rose reinvents themself with The Art Of Forgetting. 
Caroline Rose. @CarolineRoseFM Via Twitter. Photographer: CJ Harvey

Caroline Rose strips away their usual humorous and carefree musical expression, opting for a more vulnerable and introspective side. On March 24, Rose would release their fourth album The Art Of Forgetting. An earth-shattering breakup led the singer on a journey to finding themself again. The indie rock-, folk-, and art pop-backed LP is a rollercoaster of emotions encompassing regret, grief, desolation, and anger. 

From Denial…

To begin with, “Tell Me What You Want” shows Caroline in a state of denial. They do not want to accept the breakup and long to rekindle the romance. “I’m an actor ’cause I’m scared / And I’m fully unprepared for this / Are you trying / Trying to kill me? / I’ll block out all the signs / Let’s give this one more try / I just can’t bear to lose you.” Long periods of isolation lead to self-deprecating thoughts and loneliness. 

Then, Caroline Rose copes by bottling up their pain in the acoustic guitar-assisted single “Miami.” They attempt to erase all memory of what love is and feels like. “Clean up all the memories / Sweep the bad under the rug / Put the good inside a coffer.” But, the singer discovers throughout the LP that they cannot hide from their pain.

…To Acceptance

Importantly, The Art Of Forgetting is where Caroline Rose learns that they must face their pain instead of running from it. “Where Do I Go From Here?” captures a turning point in which Rose takes action and kickstarts their healing journey. “There’s something about letting go / That I’ve never understood / I’ve got to face it, life goes on / The memories live on in this song.”

Later, we see Caroline’s progression in their self love journey in the song which they dedicate to themself, “Love Song For Myself.” Rose takes power back from the ones that mistreated and took advantage of them. “If I am a doormat / Then I am handwoven / I am exceptional / I am a timeless treasure on a hardwood floor.” Even more, they do not seek the validation of their ex anymore. Instead, they choose to love themself. “Maybe one day, you will see / All of the beauty within me / But until then, I’ll be in touch / I’ll just be here falling in love.”


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