Mike Posner Reaching New Heights With New Single

Last week, Hip-Hop and Pop icon Mike Posner released a brand new song featuring blackbear. As his second song of the year, Posner is in full-swing for a comeback, but you never know what’s next.

Jealousy” is the latest single from the star that confronts the problem of lettings someone go. With this new song, Posner is on a trend with upbeat funky melodies. More than anything, Mike Posner’s new perspective is all about making positive up lifting music, and he’s doing that.

Earlier this year, he released his track, “Momma Always Told Me” feat. Stanaj and Yung Bae. This single marked a new chapter for the Detroit-born and raised artist, who in 2019 famously walked across America.

Before that, Posner closed 2020 with the surprise release of his 36-minute rap-opera. Operation: Wake Up to highlight the struggles of mental illness and suicide ideation.

Mike Posner’s Climb To The Top

“Jealousy” is the first track since he embarked on a once-in-a-lifetime climb of Mount Everest. The whole endeavor is to raise money for The Detroit Justice Center.

The non-profit law firm works alongside communities to create economic opportunities, transform the justice system, and promote equitable and just cities. Posner’s father, who passed  in 2017, served as a criminal defense attorney in Detroit for 40 years.

Speaking about the endeavor, Posner reveals, “While my walk across America was about me finding myself, I want my climb to be about others. Before my dad died, he was a criminal defense attorney in Detroit for 40 years. I’ve decided to dedicate my climb to the Detroit Justice Center because they’re doing criminal justice reform work in my city that would make my dad beam with joy.”

Following a year of writing and recording in his studio, as well as embarking on extreme mountain climbing and conditioning across the world, Mike Posner is poised to dominate the charts and shine some light into our lives once again.

So be on the  lookout on MusicDaily for more updates and new music coming soon.





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