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Olivia Dean Sings Of Self-Love

Only four months after the release of her latest EP, What Am I Gonna Do On Sundays?, Olivia Dean is back with her new single “Be My Own Boyfriend.” This track is set to be featured on her upcoming project, Growth.

Getting To Know Olivia Dean

Olivia Dean is a star on the rise. Since her career started in 2018 with the release of her debut single, “Reason to Stay,” she’s demonstrated that she is a hard worker. She currently has over 600,000 monthly listeners on Spotify alone. Her most popular song to date, “The Hardest Part,” has surpassed four million streams on the platform.

After releasing the What Am I Gonna Do On Sundays? EP, she was quick to work on more music. Her single “Dy-Na-Mi-Tee” came out only last month – and now she announced that she has a new project on the way!

“Be My Own Boyfriend” is a beautiful tune about self-love. In it, Olivia shows the magic of her voice, as she creates her own background vocals. “No one can love me the way I can. Catch me out in Paris on my ones. Stay up dancing ’til the dance is done. I got me, I don’t need anyone (I don’t need anyone)… Hold me close. Love myself the most. Lately, I’ve been just what I need. Stole my heart and I’m gonna be my own boyfriend,” she sings.

How Her Upcoming EP Will Be Different From The Last One

During an interview with DIY Magazine, Olivia explained how her upcoming EP Growth will be different from her last one. “My last EP was very much a breakup EP. I was processing and feeling the feelings and then lockdown happened. Had to spend a lot of time by myself and look within, as I feel like we all did, and I realized that I’m actually my own boyfriend,” Olivia explains. “I don’t need someone else to complete me. I don’t need another half, I’m whole, so I really wanted to write a song capturing that essence.”

“It’s a very societal thing that you’re always looking for your Prince Charming or that when you meet this person that you’ll be ‘whole’ or ‘successful’ like that’s the end goal. But I think the end goal is being happy by yourself. If you do meet someone then it’s a really cute accessory – a cute addition to my life, but it’s not completing my life. It’s not the whole look, he’s just the bag!”

She finished up by adding, “I am so proud of ‘Be My Own Boyfriend’ and excited for everyone to hear what’s coming. This is the first single from a project I’m currently finishing called Growth. I think the past year has been a lot for everyone and I’ve learned so much about myself and this project is a reflection of that journey.”

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