Mike Posner Is Taking Care of His Sh*t

GRAMMY-nominated Mike Posner kick starts 2021 with the uplifting ‘Momma Always Told Me’ Ft Stanaj and Yung Bae. The multi-platinum selling artist and songwriter shared the official music video directed by Nathan Presley.

The song marks a new chapter for the Detroit-born musician– who in 2019 walked across America. More recently, Posner closed out 2020 with the surprise release of his 36-minute rap-opera Operation: Wake Up, which he used to highlight the struggles of mental illness and suicide ideation.

Posner is responsible for hit songs like “I Took a Pill in Ibiza” and “Cooler Than Me” and has numerous writing credits from various artist.

Posner claims right away this is not the same man we saw at the end of 2020. The song is infused with a groovy guitar melody and a catchy chorus that carry an uplifting vibe. On par with the song, Mikes radiant energy and noticeable smile keep that same vibe.

After going through a year that made many reassess life, Mike Posner looks born again in this feel good video. He claims he is “about to change up” and “set new goals” in order to take care of his business. The song and video are all about taking on responsibility and obligations with a smile on your face.

Throughout the video, Mike walks around L.A. while average people do chores that we all have had before. Regardless of what needs to get done, every person sings the same words: “Take care of yo shit!”

This up-beat record and self proclaimed comeback, Mike Posner reminds us all that regardless of our situations, still have to “take care of yo shit”. This could be done while being negative, or while being a positive light for others to live life and take care of yo shit.

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