Michaël Brun, Anne-Marie & Becky G Collab on “Coming Your Way” 

What better way to close off summer ’23 than with a collab with Michaël Brun, Anne-Marie and Becky G? “Coming Your Way” just released on August 16th, and the only complaint we have is that it didn’t come out sooner!

Combining Cultures for “Coming Your Way”

In a blend of cultures, “Come Your Way” seamlessly combines the backgrounds of Brun, Anne-Marie and Becky to create the perfect end-of-summer soundtrack. Evoking late night summers spent dancing then night away, “Coming Your Way” takes the strengths of each artist and merges them to perfection. Brun, a sensational Haitian DJ and producer. Anne-Marie, a brilliant English-borne singer-songwriter. And Becky G, a Mexican-American popstar that is no stranger to the Billboard charts. Together? The trio has produced a timeless song that is sure to add to their collective accomplishments. Brun gives some insight into the track and expresses gratitude to his collaborators in the following quote:

“I wanted to cap the summer off with one of my favorite songs I’ve ever produced. Coming Your Way is a mix of so many genres that have influenced me across the years, from electronic music to Caribbean and latin sounds. It’s also an honor to have global superstars Anne Marie and Becky G present on this one. It feels like a global anthem.”

-Michaël Brun

In case the song doesn’t paint a clear picture for you, there’s also a music video to go along with it. Brun, Anne-Marie and Becky G can be found dancing to the tune with no care in the world. Surrounded by people from all walks of life, the music video is a direct translation to the significance of the song. When three artists come together to make something this special, it should be celebrated by anyone who is lucky enough to hear it. Three iconic singers unite and promote togetherness in a fun and groovy way that makes you want to dance. And that’s exactly why “Coming Your Way” surpasses any other track on the release radar right now. The song was destined to be great yet it still exceeds any expectations we could’ve had.

Check out the music video down below! Let us know what you think in the comments.

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