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Mecna and CoCo Show Their Various Sound Palette with “La Più Bella”

“Bromance”, the album, is coming soon

La Più Bella,” the new single of Mecna and CoCo, is the second taste of their upcoming albumBromance,” which will be dropped at the end of the month. The two artists with the drop of the single  are ready to release a big project together given their past collaborations. Indeed, this is not their first 4 hands work, considering that the duo started to work together some years ago.

Se Mi Perdo Altrove,” Equilibrio,” “Tu Ed Io” and “For You” are not only previous tracks of their last projects, but more a proof of mutual esteem in the music field. Because of that, the curiosity around “Bromance” is really high, and personally I think they will honor the expectations out there. Maybe I’m not the best person to say this, because yes, I’m a big fan. Yet, Mecna and CoCo are two versatile songwriters with a lot to talk about.

“La Più Bella” and the tribute to Raf

La Più Bella” is also a tribute to a representative Italian success of ’90: “Sei La Più Bella Del Mondo,” by Raf. With the same central riff and the iconic chorus, the couple make a new and modern version of the song. But always keeping the same intentions of the original one. “La Più Bella” is indeed a declaration of love and loyalty to a girl, the most beautiful message to send to your love.

Mecna and CoCo’s sound palette is colored with modern hip hop/R&B, an exchange of romanticism and melancholy. The alternating between the vocal part of Mecna and the rapping of CoCo sounds perfect.  That’s also the beauty of this solid couple. “Bromance” is like a music baby arrived after a long and strong relationship, that ’till now has worked in an amazing way.

Looking forward to see how the critics and music fans judge the quality of this project. But we have big expectations. “La Più Bella,” as said before, is just a taste, for bigger things we have to wait until at least the end of the month. “Bromance, “the album, is coming soon… and we’re really looking forward to that.

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