February 09, 2023



Paris Texas Is Scary Good On New EP

Paris Texas is breaking out on the scene with one of the most experimental and original projects of 2021. Red Hand Akimbo is the latest and really the first EP from the Punk Rock Hip-Hop duo.

The EP follows up on the group’s breakout album, BOY ANONYMOUS, that was released back in May of this year. Much of the hype for Paris Texas came from the hit song “FORCE OF HABIT.” The song caught on quickly because of its in-your-face energy and stomping chorus that mixed grunge rock and rap.

Now the duo is back with some more scary good songs just in time for October. Red Hand Akimbo is a 5 song EP that sets a reminder to look out for the standout group. The project features a number of unique sounds that further explore the duo’s identity as an Alternative Rap act.

Songs like the standout single “BULLSEYE,” really highlight Paris Texas’ appealing aesthetic as well as the nostalgic punk vibe they are going for. Some really cool raw electric guitar riffs make the EP.

Instrumentals and chorus in songs like “girls like drugs” are reminiscent of Pharrell Williams’ group N.E.R.D. in their approach. There are even some more somber songs like “RHM” that slightly settle the overall aggressive project.

Paris Texas Taking Off

There is definitely something to this new up-and-coming Alternative rap-rock duo that has seemingly just popped up.

The two were introduced through a mutual friend in community college located in of all places Paris Texas. Made up of producer Louis Pastel and rapper Felix, formed in South Central, Los Angeles. Officially Paris Texas has been around for three years.

But it’s been only as recent that they have become public, releasing their debut, an electric rap track titled “HEAVY METAL” back in February.

Now the duo is out with this new EP looking to further cement their mark as stars in the music industry.

Paris Texas has just concluded their first tour dates sold out in LA, NYC, and London. They’ll resume tour across the United States in February of 2022.

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