Mecna’s Milan Concert Was A “Back To Life” Music Experience

Start over with our lives. This is the mission since we finally started to see some normality, for all of us and our families. Music is also central to this process. Indeed, whoever is passionate about it surely wants more than anything that the live exhibitions return and not only the streamings. Personally, I’m one of these guys that I’m talking about. Yes, concerts were an important part of my life, completely different from whatever type of experience. So, on the second day of July, I was really excited to do something like this after the pandemic emergency.

Double live date in Milan, Italy

In those days indeed, Milan, north of Italy (my country), hosted the double date of Mecna at Carroponte. Well, Mecna is one of my favourite artists, I’m like a groupie for him. So, together with my poor girlfriend (who knew no more than 5 songs), I went to Milan to spend the entire evening there. Oh, forgot to say, in contemporary times there was Italy vs Belgium, quarter of final of the European Football Championship. So you can imagine how embarrassing it was when Italy scored while Mecna was singing.

After all of that, Mecna takes the stage at 21:30 and starts singing. Initially, we all sat, for Covid restrictions. Needless to say, after two songs fans were all standing. As for me, I was standing too, but with attention to keep my distance from other ones.



However, Mecna’s first song was “Ho guardato un’altra,” with a screen on the background that said: “Ti sono mancato almeno un po’?”, which means “You missed me at least a little?” Think it sounds better in italian. Then, a series of tracks based mainly on the last album “Mentre Nessuno Guarda“.

Mecna is incredibly personal, everytime with this sad mood that isn’t annoying. He started to do classic rap almost 10 years ago, but since a bit he’s doing something opposite. He’s improved himself and evolved that sound, which was already good in 2015.

Guests and emotions

What surprised me was that people liked mainly old songs, while it seemed like they didn’t know the others. “Faresti con me” and “31/08“, contained in the album “Laska” (2015), have been two of the most appreciated tracks of the concert. Then, between a beer and a song, the arrival of the guest: CoCo. Together they sang new single “For You” and their hit “Se mi perdo altrove“. No words, really. Just big emotions. If rappers are only autotune and have no talent, well, Mecna isn’t that. He really knows how to do his job.

Also even if that date wasn’t a sold out show, I would still have enjoyed it a lot. To mention Mecna’s song, “nothing stays forever”. But maybe, who knows, music does.

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