Marina Questions Her Place In The World On New Single

There are no hidden messages in the music Marina releases. Sure, there might be some hints at themes bigger than the track itself. That doesn’t mean it can’t be impactful – or that the stunning artist behind it is any less empowered. 


Marina Is Laying Down An Important Foundation

If we know anything about Marina, it’s that she could easily be a contender for the Nobel Prize. This global sensation is notorious for intertwining social and political concepts into her electro pop music. She does so in a way that is engaging and inspiring, without being in-your-face informative. In addition, she provides comfort and acceptance to the people in her fandom, in her circle, and in her industry.


These newsworthy, influential aspects are hard-hitting and important, but stealthily hidden underneath buoyant backing tracks and impassioned vocals. (On top of gorgeous, memorable album artwork with more colors and shine than a brand new rainbow.) Truly, Marina has more talent than she gets credit for. 


As a bright performer and hypnotic musician, Marina is underrated. Yes, the star did carve herself a place in the industry, but it took time to become as beloved as she is today. At the end of the day, Marina is an artist and an advocate for the message her art conveys. 


She knows what she wants her audience to hear. They want to have fun just as much as they want to be vulnerable. There is an equal amount of current events-based songs as there are songs about romantic relationships. Finding that balance between the frivolous and the imperative makes Marina the most eloquent pop star of our generation. Her latest single, the title track for her upcoming album, just dropped. “Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land,” as a single, is energetic and anthemic. As an album, we’re not quite sure how it’ll sound yet, but from the singles but we can expect it to oh-so relevant and overtly resonating.


The Empowerment of “Anicent Dreams In A Modern Land”

Luxurious layers of Marinas’ roller coaster vocal range are intertwined with mesmerizing synth tones. We love the sense of strength and purpose behind the lyrical component just as much as we love the instrumentation. It’s upbeat, but not brash.


There is also a clear theme throughout the three singles. It is that women are so much more than they realize. We already know that about Marina as an artist, but she might not think that about herself. On this song, the pop icon questions just how she got to where she is today as both a star and your everyday woman. 


Marina has feelings of love lining the edges of this record, too, which is evident in the only subtle political approach. Nobody is trying to stir up any bad feelings with this alternative pop record-to-be. That being said, it’s clear that there is a timeliness to this most-likely timeless piece of music. 


Marina is ready to put people in their place to allow women to shine in more ways than one. They are more than what history says or society believes. “Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land” puts that on display from the get-go. The star always been for equality and is consistently pro-girl power, but now she is using the socio-political landscape to convey these messages.

Marina holds her own and encourages others to do the same, no matter their background. With wonderfully catchy choruses, we can expect her upcoming album to be just as fun as it is inspiring. Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land drops June 11.

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