MARINA’s New Single Is A Diamond In The Rough

MARINA is back, better, and prepared to make everyone’s summer a new level of fun. She released a new single just in time for the warmer weather to blow in.


“Purge The Poison”

In a world of overrated, overproduced music, MARINA is back with an exceptional, goosebump-inducing pop hit. 


Purge The Poison” is MARINA’s latest single and only her second in two years. The song is anthemic and headstrong. It can fire anyone up.  Musically and instrumentally, it’s guitar-driven and mosh pit-worthy. Lyrically, it’s exactly the same.


MARINA’s fierce new single follows up the angst that surrounded her last single, “Man’s World.” Once again the singer-songwriter is putting society and it’s outdated standards in its place. With heavy strings and in-your-face lyrics, this powerhouse performer has made the single of the year. In a world of stereotypes, lies, and stress, MARINA sympathizes, so she sings about it. (All while knocking the overly willful patriarchy down a notch.)


The song sounds like something off her third album, FROOT mixed with the depth of her debut, The Family JewelsAs a single, “Purge The Poison” is leading up the star’s fifth record. Set to release June 11, MARINA’s Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land will include 10 songs. Based on the two singles fans have heard, they can expect it to be glittery, glistening, and gut-wrenchingly honest.


The Many Lives of Marina Diamandis

MARINA is akin to David Bowie and Lady Gaga. While she is neither a deceased British rockstar or a Golden Globe winner, she is a lover of characters. Every era of MARINA’s career has featured a brand new world. The narratives she creates are strung through her lyrics in a purposeful way.


MARINA, originally known as Marina and the Diamonds, took the world by storm in the 2010s. Her equally electric and eclectic take on pop music put her on the map. Then the ribbons in her hair and painted heart on her cheek spawned a new era of style. Songs such as “Primadonna” and “How To Be A Heartbreaker,” further solidified her generation-defining stance in the industry. 


Her first record, The Family Jewels, was an ominous and theatrical masterpiece. Her latest record, the double feature MARINA, was an introspective piece of storytelling. At the end of the day, MARINA is simply a powerful lyricist and an electro-pop icon.


This new single, and the forthcoming album it’s off of, are sure to take a little page of that exact book. What is that book? It one of perfectly curated, vibrant, and vulnerable pop stylings.


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