Bryce Vine Drops Two Songs On “Mixed Feelings” Bundle

Bryce Vine just dropped two new songs as a bundle. The brand new Mixed Feelings collection features “Blame It On Me” and “The Game.”

Bryce Talks Infidelity On “Blame It On Me”

Only two months after the release of his last single “Care At All,” Bryce Vine has returned with new music. Instead of giving us a single, though, he gave us two songs! The Mixed Feelings bundle is brand new and could not have a better title, as Bryce talks about infidelity and confusion. 

“Blame It On Me” arrives as the lead single of the bundle, as it already has a music video out. Bryce talks about getting into a romantic relationship with a girl that turns out to be taken already. It’s a fun song, actually, where he explains the situation to the girl’s other man! “Look at the facts, she wasn’t a match, we met at a mansion. You need to relax, she came up to me, she wanted attention. I took her outside, she talk about exes, summers in Hamptons. We talk about everything, dawg, believe me, you was not mentioned, yeah,” he sings cleverly.

How Both Songs Align On Mixed Feelings

“The Game,” on the other hand, simply talks about how puzzling life can get. Bryce raps in the verses of the song while singing in the chorus. In the lyrics, he points out how each individual is distinct from the rest of the world. “Eyes open, mouth closed, potholes on the road. People livin’ on that street corner, heavy, but it’s home. Kobe murals every other block, pain don’t stop. Pay no mind, the real evil left unwatched,” he raps.

About Mixed Feelings, Bryce also commented in a press release, “I really wanted to show two different sides with this release. You’ve got one more lighthearted song with ‘Blame It On Me.’ It’s honestly such a classic L.A. story. After this difficult last year, it’s fun to think of those crazy nights out. However, I didn’t want to ignore the darkness in the world, so ‘The Game’ represents the other side. You’ve got the weight of the moment we’ve lived through, but also something more escapist.”

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