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Måneskin Postpones Tour Due to Covid-19

It is with a sad video on Instagram that the Italian band Måneskin announced the postponement of their long-awaited tour. Fortunately, however, some dates have not undergone any changes.

European and Italian Tour

On January 24th, rock band Måneskin released a video to announce what we didn’t want to hear but could expect. It is, in fact, the postponement of their European and  Italian tour. Unfortunately, the cause, is once again the same: the Covid-19 pandemic. To avoid infections and safeguard the health of the band, fans and staff, the band has decided to postpone the dates of their European tour and the ArenasTour.

“We cannot guarantee all the gigs because every country has its own rules, and we have to stick to that,” says Måneskin. “We have to do our gigs in total safety for everyone.”

Luckily, all of the outdoor shows are still confirmed. These includes Italian Circo Massimo, Arena di Verona and Lignano Sabbiadoro and Festivals’ dates.

Måneskin announcement

“We’re here and we’re very sorry but we have to tell you that we have to postpone the whole 2022 Tour because of the Covid-19 situation,” says Damiano, Måneskin’s lead singer.
Disappointment is evident on the faces of the four members. “We are extremely sorry,” says the singer. “We worked a lot for this tour and everything was set and ready to go but unfortunately in the last few days we had some bad news about the capacity of the venues.”

In fact, their unbridled passion for live performances, where Måneskin gives its best, is not unknown. From the very beginning, in fact, the band has used live performances as their biggest form of expression. Starting from the stages of Sanremo and Eurovision, what has always been evident is the ability of the band to manage the stage and dominate it. And let’s not forget all the band’s American appearances in the United States, where they shocked fans with their charisma. And November 2021, when they opened the Rolling Stones concert in Las Vegas, is just an example.

What are the new dates?

“We are really, really sorry and we hope to have the chance to tell you the new dates as soon as possible and no later than the 1st of March 2022,” announces Måneskin.

It seems that we can not help but wait for news from the band. And once again, hope for the Covid situation to improve.

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