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GRAE Lives in a “Room in the Desert”

Alternative-pop rising star GRAE released her latest single “Room in the Desert,” along with an announcement of her debut album.

GRAE’S Debut Album Whiplash Arrives This April

GRAE only started sharing music three years ago, but during this time, she has shared a big number of singles, EP’s, and now, an album! That’s right, the Toronto-based artist will release her debut album Whiplash on April 15. 

Speaking of Whiplash, GRAE shared, “My debut album Whiplash was born during a time of confusion and indecisiveness. Falling in and out of love with people I thought would be in my life forever but found myself desperately trying to forget. Did I love them, hate them, want to remember them, or forget them? I was drowning in the nostalgia of a past I romanticized while coming to terms with the truth of it all. The album is so back and forth in emotion, but so am I. That’s how the title Whiplash came to be.”

Fans can actually already enjoy some songs that will be featured in Whiplash. During the past year, GRAE shared the singles “Spinning, “Soft,” “Outta This World,” and “Like You” which are all going to be part of the album. Her newest single, “Room in the Desert,” is the last offering previewing the album.

“Room in the Desert” Comes With a Chilling Music Video

The accompanying music video for “Room in the Desert” features a very creepy little friend playing with GRAE during some scenes of the video (if you want to see what it is, go take a look!) She commented, “The music video is everything I could’ve dreamed of. Gemma’s creative vision from the start was really strong and I trusted her artistic direction a lot. We wanted to create a trippy video that complemented the psychedelic production of the song, something that could bring the song itself to another level. I think the video really captures that and helps create an experience for the listener.”

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