Måneskin To Open For The Rolling Stones in Las Vegas


Maneskin opening the Rolling Stones concert, given the worldwide success, was an exciting break for them. The new kings of rock opened the concert of one of those groups that created the genre: the Rolling Stones. After obtaining European approval, Italian rock band Måneskin is getting closer and closer to conquering long dreamt America. In fact, Måneskin have recently completed an incredible and important goal in what seems to be their unstoppable journey.

Måneskin opening the Rolling Stones concert

The Rolling Stones and recently their recently passed drummer Charlie Watts officially passed the torch to the Italian rockers, Masneskin. Through this live performance, Måneskin confirmed their credibility in rock music.

The similarity between the Rolling Stones and Maneskin is evident: rebel, unconventional,  stage animals, acclaimed all over the world and playing rock and roll. “Rock and Roll never dies,” said Måneskin singer Damiano after winning Eurovision Song Contest. At Las Vegas’ Allegiant Stadium, they proved it. On November 6th, they carried on the legacy of one of the first world famous rock bands.

With their fantastic performance, Måneskin have once again proved that they deserve the success they are achieving. In addition, they also received the support of the Rolling Stones. In particular, Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger posted his own picture on Twitter with the young band. “Great night in Vegas with @thisismaneskin,” he wrote.

Following the performance, Måneskin commented about their night. On their Instagram profile they posted a pic with Jagger. “What a night, thanks @therollingstones – best memory of all time,” they wrote.

The Tonight Show and Ellen Degeneres

America’s beloved band set foot on U.S. soil on October, 26th, when Jimmy Fallon hosted Måneskin on his television program, The Tonight Show. The four Italian artists performed their biggest success, the cover of Frankie Valli’s Beggin’. The song was originally written in 1967 by The Four Seasons, but Måneskin revisited the song starting from Valli’s version. The band also performed their most recent single, MAMMAMIA.

On November 8th the band also appeared on Ellen Degeneres’ The Ellen Show and once again performed their version of Beggin’.

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