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Maisie Peters Shows A Vulnerable Side On “Good Enough”

Maisie Peters volcano

“Good Enough” 

English singer-songwriter Maisie Peters released her new single “Good Enough” on Friday, August 19th. “Good Enough” follows recent 2022 singles “Blonde” and “Cates Brother,” all anticipated to be on her second studio album. We see Maisie get post-breakup revenge in “Blonde” reinventing herself as a single blonde-haired girl. She turns savage after she dyes her hair and becomes her ex’s worst nightmare. Whereas, “Cates Brother” shows an affectionate side of Maisie telling the story of falling for her friend’s brother. She has hesitation as she doesn’t want to get hurt by him and longs for the feelings to be reciprocated. The song concludes with her confirming she is dating Cate’s brother. 

Maisie Peters is in Love With “Cate’s Brother”

Heartbreaking Lyrics In “Good Enough” 

On the other hand, the lyrics in “Good Enough” are heart shattering. Peter’s specialty is storytelling; she creates mental imagery with her songwriting. “Good Enough” tells the story of Maisie doubting her self worth after her lover’s feelings shifted and they have left her behind.

“’Cause I used to think that if I tried my best I’d always win

But I’ll sit in your favorite dress and wonder how you’ve been

And did you ever mean it when you said you were in love?

I was good just wasn’t good enough”

In detail, Peters believes she is flawed as a result of her partner’s absence. Their failure to be transparent has caused Peters to not feel good enough. In “Good Enough” the singer explains how she had plans for their future and was fully invested in her love interest, but as the relationship progressed her partner was dishonest with their true feelings. Peters thought she was his only one, but he saw her as an option. 


Maisie Peters Bio

Notably, Maisie Peters, reigns from West Sussex. She wrote her first song at the age of 9 and as a young talent Maisie was eager to share her songwriting talent with the world. She began uploading her original songs onto her youtube channel in 2015. The “Blonde” singer racked up thousands of views leading up to her first single “Place We Were Made,” which was released in 2017. The track currently has over 49 million streams on Spotify. Maisie’s soft vocals, acoustic folk-pop style, and heartbreaking lyrics create her unique artistry. Her youthful perspective resonates with her audience crafting songs about toxic relationships and heartbreak. 

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