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Mae Stephens Drops Dating App Anthem “Mr. Right” With Meghan Trainor

Viral sensation Mae Stephens returns with her new single, “Mr. Right” featuring Meghan Trainor.

Mae Stephens Kicks Off Her New Era

After gaining widespread popularity from her TikTok famous debut “If We Ever Broke Up,” Mae Stephens has been an artist on the rise. The track went on to accumulate over 175 million streams on Spotify, saturating everyone’s For You page. From DJ mixes to sped-up versions to acoustic, “If We Ever Broke Up” was delivered every way possible. It stands as one of the many examples of TikTok paving the way for young artists making their mark on the music industry.

Now, Stephens has enlisted Meghan Trainor on her dating-anthem single “Mr. Right.” The song depicts the grueling swiping process people find themselves doing whilst trying to find love online. For anyone Gen-Z, we are all too familiar with the swiping culture that we’ve all fallen victim to. And Stephens is no exception! Despite searching for her special someone, Mae makes it abundantly clear that she will not settle for just anyone:

“Darling, I’m not one for bad breath / Or that yellow stain on your vest / Yeah, you’re really not passing my test / So, I’ll be swiping on to the rest”

-Chorus to “Mr. Right”

At only 20 years old, Mae Stephens has already created her own sort of legacy with her debut single. After all, it’s unlikely any of the over one billion TikTok users were able to escape her hit track upon its peak. However, “Mr. Right” is the first insight into Stephens’ artistry after all the buzz has died down. Paired with the zesty vocals Meghan Trainor, the track is an optimistic, confident reminder to keep your standards high in your pursuit of “Mr. Right.” It’s an upbeat, poppy radio station song that has set the foundation for her career moving forward. And what a collaboration to mark the beginning of a new era!

Check out the lyric video for “Mr. Right” down below.

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