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Meghan Trainor drops new album “Takin’ It Back”

TikTok Trender Meghan Trainor drops the new music video for her single “Mother,” welcoming Kris Jenner as the main protagonist. Along with the music video, the artist also released the deluxe version of her album Takin’ It Back.

Meghan Trainor candy crush saga

Mother Music Video

Meghan Trainor just dropped her official music video for her hit “Mother.” In the video the surprise appearance of pop-culture icon Kris Jenner. Momager and arguably one of the most famous “mothers” out there, Kris Jenner becomes the main focus of the mother-themed song and video.

Trainor said: 

“I’m beyond excited to finally share ‘Mother’ with the world!  This song is my response to being in the industry for almost a decade now and still finding myself in situations where I am talked down to or made to feel like my opinion isn’t valid. It’s for anyone who is in a situation where they feel like they are being mansplained to and want to take their power back.”

TikTok is undoubtedly the strongest platform for Trainor. Not only she has almost 20 million followers, but also multiple singles also became hits and trends’ soundtracks. It is not surprising that the artist focused on the app to promote her single. Trainor released multiple TikTok videos, writing “when Kris Jenner recruits to be part of the family,” and “Kris Jenner is my mother and ive been adopted.” In some of these videos, also Chris Olsen, another TikTok star, appears as well.

Takin’ It Back

Together with the new single and music video “Mother,” Meghan Trainor also dropped the deluxe version of her fifth studio album, Takin’ It Back.

Meghan Trainor new release includes new singles. “Mother” is the first of them. In addition, new songs “Special Delivery,” which will feature MAX, and “Grow Up” will be included in the deluxe version. Moreover, the remix version of “Made You Look,” recorded together with Kim Petras, is part of the album as well.

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