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TikTok Trends: Mae Stephens Imagines Her Break-Up Revenge In ‘If We Ever Broke Up’ Video

Rising TikTok star Mae Stephens redefines the feelings behind breaking up in her new music video for hit song “If We Ever Broke Up.”

It’s Not Personal

The quirky music video for “If We Ever Broke Up” follows Mae Stephens through a day of her life. A day spent fantasizing about breaking up with her boyfriend. Amidst multiple scenes, Mae grows resentful of her relationship and ignores her love interest, truly embodying the chorus of her song. You can watch as she is seen leaving him behind while on a walk, blatantly ignoring the conversation that is occurring. Then, she creates a humorous, careless world where she imagines herself poisoning her boyfriend’s drink. Despite his best efforts, the love interest in the video remains unsuccessful in earning Mae’s attention and adoration. To his dismay, Mae is already too far gone.

“If We Ever Broke Up” is a sassy, funky song that has carved its own place in music. Stephens has a unique voice and simplistic songwriting that resonates well with Gen-Z. Her independent woman attitude aligns perfectly with our generation. This grants her the unique opportunity to speak a language that we can understand and relate to. Hopefully, this will translate to further success in her musical career.

Screen shot from the “If We Ever Broke Up” music video

New Year, New Rising Stars

At only 19 years old, Mae Stephens uploaded a snippet for her original song on TikTok and woke up as a global sensation. Afterward, the Kettering-borne artist was signed to EMI Records. Then Mae also released a remix of the hit song with EDM artist, goddard. As for what’s on the horizon for the young alt-pop musician, we can only hope that she continues her musical journey. I suspect she will be playing in the States by the end of the year. Until then, stay tuned to Music Daily for any upcoming news from stars like Mae Stephens!

Check out the music video for Mae Stephens “If We Ever Broke Up” down below!

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