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Halle Bailey Releases Debut Solo Single ‘Angel’

The other half of Chloe x Halle makes her long-awaited solo foray into music with mesmerizing debut single.

Chloe x Halle alum and The Little Mermaid actress Halle Bailey unveils her first solo single, the heavenly “Angel.”

Her world-famous soprano repertoire and the gorgeous music video– directed by Wendy Morgan– create an inescapable, intimate experience. Halle’s soul-pop delivery adds to her angelic beauty, and moving water and journeying in clouds exudes “boss energy.”

“This song for me is so very special and near and dear to my heart,” the singer-actress noted in a statement. “With everything I’ve gone through the past 3-4 years, suddenly finding myself in this bubble of all these eyes and new opinions, it was easy for me to feel doubt in myself and who I was.”

“This song for me was my climb out of those feelings, a mantra and promise to myself that the work I’m doing here on earth matters and that I matter,” Halle continued. “I wanted to be able to embrace and be proud of myself and who I am naturally through and through. I hope other brown and black girls and everyone in general feel embraced, respected, and inspired hearing the words of this song.”

Her ode to females of color preaches “god-sent” affirmations and brave vulnerability. But the chorus’s unshakeable confidence (“Heaven wears your halo / They know you’re an angel”) makes Halle shine bright.

Halle’s solo venture began with leading Disney’s The Little Mermaid as the first black Ariel. Despite initial controversy, Disney won big time. With Halle’s stellar performance and movie staple rendition of “Part Of Your World,” the film grossed over $564 million worldwide. 

Following her acting debut, Halle will play Young Nettie in The Color Purple, which will premiere on Christmas 2023. Watch the trailer here!

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