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Madison Beer Illuminates The U.S. With The Life Support Tour

On November 12, Madison Beer stopped by the iconic House Of Blues venue in Chicago with her 2021 Life Support tour.

Maggie Lindemann & Audriix Set the Stage

Accompanied by rising artist Audriix and pop-punk star Maggie Lindemann, Madison made sure to give fans a once-in-a-lifetime experience at her tour. 

Playing a total of 6 songs including an amazing cover of the hit Sia song “Titanium,”Audriix made a great job warming up the audience as the first artist to touch the stage that night. She also included in her setlist some of her most moving and upbeat tracks like “Waste a Goodbye,” “Taking Back My Life,” and “I Choose Me.”

Next up in the lineup for the night was Maggie Lindemann, who needless to say, rocked the entire venue out. She played songs from her recently released mini-album PARANOIA like “Knife Under My Pillow” and “Crash and Burn,” along with her newest song “She Knows It.” The star surely knows how to make an audience sing their hearts out, as all of her songs were loud enough to wake up the entire city.

Madison Offered a Magical Night to Fans

Lastly, after two hours of waiting, it was time for Madison to finally take the stage. Opening with her smashing hit “Baby,” that was enough to get everyone in the audience screaming with excitement. “Good in Goodbye” was next, another fan-favorite song. Madison made sure to showcase her professional dancers on the well-prepared dancing choreographies they had ready for the night.

When Madison performed “Reckless,” you could even hear people crying around you. The heartbreaking song talks about being betrayed by an ex-lover who she once trusted; and him moving on to date a girl who he always denied when he was with Madison. It was surely the song that most people sang along to while in the concert, as the lyrics are surely relatable. Madison sings at the end of the song, “I’m so sorry if you can relate,” making fans feel connected with her.

The only song that made the setlist that was not part of the Life Support album, alongside “Reckless,” was “Dear Society,” which made a lot of fans feel surprised and excited to be able to hear it live. Nevertheless, they were more than happy that Madison decided to include it in the setlist.

Leaving the stage after performing “Follow the White Rabbit,” Madison came back to the stage for one final song. “Everything Happens for a Reason” was the last song performed for the night. Fans on the main floor were able to catch confetti that was thrown all over the place to end Madison’s performance.

Overall, the Life Support tour is a magical experience for Madison Beer fans. They can expect to sing along to all of their favorite songs from Madison’s debut album, alongside some surprises as well. 

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