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Madison Beer’s Long-Awaited Debut Album “Life Support” is Here

Madison Beer has finally released her debut album, Life Support. The album covers Madison’s experiences with breakups and heartbreaks, and its sound has everything from beautiful ballads, to alternative music, to dark pop.

Madison’s Life Support Songs Explained

Life Support includes seventeen songs, three of which are interludes. Prior to the album release, Madison released four singles, all of them coming with a music video. The album’s lead single, ‘Good in Goodbye,’ was released in February last year, and ‘Selfish’ came to life almost right after. ‘Baby’ was the next single, and ‘Boyshit’ was the latest one, released one month before the album dropped. 

Madison has talked about the meaning of her songs in Life Support since the first singles started to come out. We’ve narrowed down the ones that are the most personal to her, and she explains what they are about.

‘Good in Goodbye’

“It feels so good to be releasing the first single from my debut album!” Madison posted on social media. “Touching on a theme that resonates throughout the album, ‘Good In Goodbye,’ is predominately a breakup song. It’s about how cutting ties with a toxic person, no matter how tough it can feel at the time, is sometimes the only way forward and you should always find the ‘good’ in ‘goodbye’. It also touches on the duality of condemnation and self-reflection you often go through at the end of a relationship – a concept which is brought to life in the video where I delve deep into my inner demons, playing myself and my evil twin.”

‘Follow the White Rabbit’

“I watched The Matrix for, like, the ninety-seven thousandth time and at the beginning of the movie, it says “Wake up, Neo, follow the white rabbit”. I’m pretty sure [that’s it and] if that’s slightly off, I apologize. But, I don’t know. I’ve always just loved that and it’s also kind of like an “Alice In Wonderland” tie-in. I’ve always just been connected to both of those movies in a weird way so that’s what inspired it and then we just kinda had fun with the lyrics and we honestly just, like, rift on it. It wasn’t really anything story-wise, like, specific. It was more like… because the lyrics are ‘Devil in a dress, I’ma love you like I do’ and it’s just, I don’t know, being like hot and feeling sexy and like I don’t know. The lyrics are pretty random, but they’re fun.”

Madison was Nervous to Drop ‘Effortlessly’

“I wrote ‘Effortlessly’ before I had ever come out about the fact that I had self-harmed. I was really nervous when I was writing the song because I wasn’t sure if when it would be released, I was going to have to talk about it or not. That scared me and intimidated me a lot. So, I decided let’s just write about it. Hopefully, either I’m gonna have talked about it publicly by the time the album drops. If not, then that’ll be the way I’ll start talking about it.”

Madison continues, “There are lyrics in ‘Effortlessly’ that are like, “I hold my breath to breathe, I hurt myself to feel.” It was just kind of my way of talking about self-harm. I was really scared to do that. But then I did it, and I really like how it came out. As I said, that’s one of my favorite songs. So there’s a lot of things that if you listen to it closely, you’ll be able to be like, “Okay, this is what this is, what that is,” and so on and so forth.”

‘Stained Glass’

“I wrote ‘Stained Glass’ at a time where I was really struggling mentally. This song was my message, not only to the public but to those around me. To be more gentle on people and not judge them so hard, because you never know what someone’s been through.”

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