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Santana’s single ‘Joy’ in collaboration with Chris Stapleton

Musical genius Carlos Santana has just released his fourth single Joy in collaboration with Chris Stapleton.

Stapleton also produced the track Blessings and Miracles. The single is the fourth single from Santana’s album, also called Blessings and Miracles. “I was very intrigued to work with Chris,” said Santana. “We talked on the phone about the Covid situation and how there’s so much fear in the world, and I said, ‘We need to create music as a healing force. We must bring hope and courage and disinfect twisted minds infected with darkness.’” He added: “That gave him the ammunition to write such incredible words. Somewhere I said, ‘flying on the wings of angels,’ so it’s a collaboration. And what an incredible song it is. The choir in it, it’s like the Staple Singers.”

Carlos Santana declared to have chosen the title of the song after what he said is one of his favourite words, “Joy”. The track contains blues, rock and reggae lines and themes.

Carlos Santana, born in 1947 in Autlán de Navarro, Mexico, is a naturalized American guitarist and composer. He firstly began to gain acclaim in the seventies and eighties with his group, the homonymous Santana. As he likes to do now, even then he used to fuse different genres, such as salsa, classic rock, blues and fusion.


Santana’s new album, Blessings and Miracles

On October 15th Santana released his most recent record, Blessing and Miracles. “On Blessings and Miracles music legend and guitar master Carlos Santana delivers one of the most ambitious, inspired, and flat-out magical records of his storied career.” This is what one can read on Santana’s official website. “There are genre-bending, hook-filled celebrations.” The album also features important artists. Among these are collaborations with Rob Thomas, Chris Stapleton, G-Eazy, American Authors and Ally Brooke. “Thrilling feats of bravura musicianship that pair the guitar master with fellow icons like Chick Corea and Steve Winwood, and knockout rockers with Metallica’s Kirk Hammett and Living Colour’s Corey Glover, among others.”

In 2021 the artist also released Splendiferous Santana. The album is “a vision collection of incredible songs that I feel needed to be shared with the listeners’ heart,” said the artist.

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