Juice WRLD’s New Posthumous Single, “Already Dead”

Juice WRLD is perhaps one of the largest hip-hop and rap artists of the last few years, even though he passed away in December 2019. His music has, undisputedly, lived on – and changed the lives of many. His estate, knowing this and aware of fans’ need for new music, last week released the single, “Already Dead.” The track explores mental health, relapsing, and heartbreak. Akin to much of his discography, “Already Dead” is a look inside the mind of Juice WRLD. His estate also announced the upcoming release of another album, titled Fighting Demons.

Juice WRLD is Open About His Addiction

Juice died in December 2019 due to an accidental overdose. It’s chilling to know that he had already written lyrics like “Ain’t no reachin’ for the pills no more / One more and you’re on the floor / I know that I didn’t stand a chance,” before he passed. Juice WRLD is open about his battle with drug addiction in many of his songs, but his admittance in a song titled “Already Dead” is heart-wrenching for fans.

Continuing For The Fans

The protégée rapper also talks about his declining mental health in the song. He raps “You can see the pain in my laugh / Demons comin’ back from the past / Feelin’ like I’m ’bout to relapse.” Juice WRLD is no stranger to writing about heartbreak, and “Already Dead” details so much of it. He states, however, that he will continue on because of the love he has for his fans. Supporters of the late star have praised him for always being so open about his mental health struggles, and it seems the trend will continue even after his untimely passing. 

Posthumous Album Release Date

Of course, fans are never satisfied with just one track from the artist. Juice WRLD’s estate announced along with “Already Dead” that another posthumous album, Fighting Demons will release on December 10th. The trailer can be watched below:

In a description for the upcoming Fighting Demons album, Grade A and Juice WRLD’s mother write, “Jarad was always searingly honest about his struggles and through his musical genius he articulated what was on his heart and mind vividly through his art. He never gave up and had many loved ones and friends around him who never gave up on offering their support to him. Today we announce that we will commemorate his upcoming birthday with a new album ‘Fighting Demons’ on Dec 10th. We encourage all of you who struggle with addiction and mental illness to never give up the fight. We continue to extend free support to you via the fund created in his honor: LiveFree999.org”

New Documentary Wins Award

Fans of Juice WRLD are also awaiting the release of Into the Abyss, a documentary centered around the rapper’s rise and claim to fame. The documentary, which premieres on December 16th through HBO, just won an audience award through AFI Fest. Into the Abyss is directed by Tommy Oliver. A trailer for the HBO feature can be found below.

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