Maggie Lindemann’s Debut EP “Paranoia” Will Rock Your World

ByeBye to the Old Maggie

Maggie Lindermann has debuted her first EP Paranoia. In the EP, she shows a different style from her as she goes all rock. She changed her look for the EP cover as well. This one that fits more with her new sound as she shows off her black hair.

Many people know Maggie thanks to her hit song ‘Pretty Girl’ featuring Cheat Codes. Paranoia is definitely a different sound from that, and that’s what Maggie wanted to achieve. She has expressed that her followers comment that her style doesn’t fit her music; now she feels like it does.

A Look Into the Singles

Four of the singles in Paranoia were actually released prior to the EP. The first one was ‘Knife Under my Pillow,’ which was the lead single. Maggie said that this song was very personal to her. “I lived in this house for a few years, and I was always paranoid that there was someone in the house with me. It was sort of driving me insane, to the point that I started keeping a knife under my pillow at night, so this song is very literal.”

The second single, ‘Gaslight’ includes a collab with her best friend, Siiickbrain. It is a rock-metal banger. “GASLIGHT! is a song about taking back the power after someone has tried to gaslight and manipulated you. its a big f*ck off to that person…HA! this song was written so quickly and was really a freestyle between myself and SIICKBRAIN. this song was supper cathartic to write and sing”- Maggie stated.

‘Scissorhands’ was the third single from Paranoia, and it is inspired by the 1990’s fantasy movie Edward Scissorhands.  In an interview with Alternative Press magazine, Maggie described it as one of her favorite movies, saying: “It’s such a cute, quirky movie, but if you really dig deeper, you realize the struggles he faced with society’s norms and his inability to get too close to the people he loved without hurting them, I feel like I really relate with that, and the concept was just too good to not write about.”

Changes of Sound in Paranoia

Lastly, ‘Loner’ has been the last single off Paranoia, and it is a deep, emotional song that people can relate to. “ ’Loner’ is about feeling alone even when there are people around. It’s about coming to terms with it and being comfortable in your alone-ness and giving yourself permission to feel sad if that is how you feel. Everyone has those moments, especially this year and especially around holidays. It’s OK. You’re not alone.” Maggie to Euphoria Magazine.

‘Love Songs’ is a beautiful ballad where she expresses her feelings to her boyfriend, Brandon Arreaga. It is definitely a change of sound in the album but it also reflects Maggie’s personality. Maggie tweeted “i wrote this song purely for my boyfriend and everyone i showed actually loved it?? so fuck it, i’m putting it on the ep.” I just have to say, THANK YOU, Maggie, I’m sure this is going to be the wedding song for hundreds of couples out there. 

Go listen to Maggie Lindermann’s new sound!

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