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Madison Beer is Intergalactic in ‘Home to Another One’

Credit: Madison Beer at the House of Blues in San Diego on November 24th, 2021 | Justin Higuchi, Flickr

Madison Beer has released her latest single, “Home to Another One,” which is off her upcoming album, Silence Between Songs.

Madison Beer Knows You Go “Home to Another One”

Singer Madison Beer explores an intergalactic relationship in the music video of her newest single, “Home to Another One.” The video sees her and an alien playing dimensional chess, eating meals, and overall sharing their time together. However, there’s an edge to Beer’s side glances. Later, it’s revealed that the alien does indeed go home to another one—an alien version of Beer. But, it turns out that this alien version of Beer has been spying on the alien and human Beer the whole time. By the end of the video, you’re left wondering which of the Madison Beer versions is actually the “other woman.”

Thirty minutes before the music video dropped, Madison Beer started a livestream. She answered fan questions about both the video and the song itself. Check it out below.

In an Instagram post announcing the release of the song, Beer shares gratitude for all of her teams and supporters. She thanks them for helping her create her “favorite song and music video” that she’s released “to date.” It’s clear from the song and video just how much work and heart she’s put into this.

Silence Between Songs

In another Instagram post, she expressed her excitement and enthusiasm for her upcoming album. “i can’t believe i’m finally saying this, tears in my eyes trying to articulate how i feel. the closer it gets, the more we’ll talk about it, but i am just so excited to release this record. i’m so excited for it to be yours. i’ll find more words soon…,, :’) for now… SEPTEMBER 15TH!!!!!!!”

Beer’s sophomore album, Silence Between Songs, comes out September 15th. Stay tuned, as she’s sure to release more information about it in the coming months.

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