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Doechii Can Make Your “Booty Drop” With New Single

Singer, songwriter and rapper Doechii supplies the latest strip club anthem with “Booty Drop.”

Singer, songwriter and rapper Doechii supplies the latest strip club anthem with “Booty Drop” following her hit single "What It Is."

Doechii Follows “What It Is” With “Booty Drop”

After releasing her first official mainstream hit “What It Is,” Doechii is back with a trendy twerk anthem “Booty Drop.” I can already picture the TikTok dances with the rapid hip shakes. An echoed voice utters “booty” in the background along with a bouncy Jersey Club beat and a thumping bass on the hook. Perfect for booty dropping, the verses are laid-back, served with Doechii’s sing-song rapping style and hasty flows. The chorus repeats, “I can make your booty pop, make your booty pop,”

“Booty Drop” is fun and catchy, as the Florida musician flirts with a different sound. Doechii is a true lyricist; but her track record of melodic pop and hardcore rap hits prove she can do it all. For the new single, the lyrics praise strippers for their sex appeal, skills and tricks. “Strip club, dance, dance, do it in a handstand / Drop down, get bands, do it on command, now make her drop.”

Booties & Yacht Parties

Doechii lives it up at the strip club, mesmerized by a thick-thighed “cougar” with a soft booty. “How much to see you dance? / Come put me in a trance / How much a private room? / F**k it, you can bring your friends / Shawty want the liquor (Liquor), just a little liquor (Liquor) / Lil’ more, lil’ more, lil’ more, lil’ more, lil’ more liquor / Shawty independent, make a n***a spend it,” 

The self-directed music video captures Doechii and her friends enjoying the last days of Summer. They twerk on a yacht, by the pool, and ride around on jet skis. Doechii prepares to drop her third album in the near future. So, look out for that!

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