Louis Tomlinson Drops Latest Single, “Silver Tongues”

Louis Tomlinson dropped his newest single, “Silver Tongues,” last week, and it’s super catchy.

Louis Tomlinson’s “Silver Tongues”

louis tomlinson "silver tongues"

British pop singer Louis Tomlinson released his newest single, “Silver Tongues,” on November 9. This was just two days before his new album, Faith in the Future, came out.

Louis Tomlinson’s previous single, “Out Of My System,” took on a gritty rock sound that fans had never heard from the singer before. His first single off the album, “Bigger Than Me,” was a heart-wrenching, relatable, and comforting song about self-doubt. Tomlinson has clearly been exploring music and widening his horizons.

“Silver Tongues” is still a little punk, but also a little brighter and more on the pop side of things. Drums, guitars, and hints of piano bring the instrumentals together very well. They also mix and combine well with Tomlinson’s vocals.

In “Silver Tongues,” Louis Tomlinson sings about “gettin’ high on the amber wave” and “going deep for the ones who do the same.” He tries to create the image of that picturesque, perfect scene where someone you care about cares about you. The two of you can enjoy little moments in life together.

The chorus, however, really drives the meaning of the song home.

“You know, it’s times like these we’re so much happier
Nights like these, we’ll remember thosе stupid jokes
Only we know
You know, when I’m with you, I’m so much happiеr
Nights like these, we’ll remember those songs we wrote
Only we know
You smile at me and say, “It’s time to go”
But I don’t feel like goin’ home”

The bridge of the song is rather simple and repetitive. Nevertheless, Tomlinson is able to further illustrate the meaning behind the words and the strength in them with his vocals.

“You and me until the end
Wakin’ up to start again
You and me until the end
Wakin’ up to start again
There’s nowhere else that I would rather be”

Check out the official lyric video for Louis Tomlinson’s “Silver Tongues” below! Listen to Faith in the Future now!

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