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Louis Tomlinson Returns With “Bigger Than Me”

English singer-songwriter Louis Tomlinson returned with his new single “Bigger Than Me” after more than two years.

A New Album is Arriving Soon

If you’re wondering if you read that correctly – yup, you did. This upcoming January will be the third anniversary of Louis’ debut album Walls, released in 2020. Since then, we had been left with no new music from the pop star, but the wait is finally over. Louis’ new single, “Bigger Than Me,” is out now!

The best part is that there is more than one single coming our way. Louis announced that “Bigger Than Me” arrives as the lead single of his upcoming album Faith in the Future, expected on November 11 this year. The tracklist includes a staggering amount of 15 songs, so there’s tons of new music that we’ll be able to enjoy really soon! Some of the song titles that were revealed include “Lucky Again,” “Chicago” and “Saturdays.”


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Louis Explores a Distinct Side of His Music on “Bigger Than Me”

“Bigger Than Me” is a heart-wrenching pop-rock track that sees Louis embracing new barriers. The song sees him believing in himself while letting go of self-doubt and forgetting about all the negative voices in his head. “All of these voices, all of these choices. I don’t hear them anymore,” he sings.

“It’s definitely the biggest-sounding song I’ve got on the record,” Louis told Euphoria Magazine. “Definitely the song that stands out as being one that should be a single. I wasn’t certain I was going to have one of these songs on this record that has a big chorus. It shows off my vocals, so I’m really proud of what we got out of it.”

Louis just finished an extensive tour, but he has also mentioned that he wants to keep touring in the future. So, maybe we’ll get to see him on the road again next year! We’ll have to keep our eyes open for any announcements. In the meantime, let’s enjoy “Bigger Than Me.”

Earlier this year, we reported that Louis might be releasing an album before the end of the year, and we’re so glad it’s happening! You can read that article here.

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