Is ‘TANTRA’ By Yung Bleu A Hit Or Miss?

"Love In The Way" by Nicki Minaj And BLEU
Nicki Minaj and BLEU

TANTRA By Yung Bleu

Yung Bleu is a rapper, singer and songwriter who released his ninth studio album TANTRA on Friday, November 11. Bleu’s last full length LP Moon Boy, arrived slightly a year ago. Since then, the young musician has not hit the brakes. TANTRA has a heaping amount of features and even welcomes ZAYN back to the music scene. Other features include: Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Lucky Daye, Ne-Yo, Fivio Foreign, Kelly Rowland, Ty Dolla $ign, and French Montana.

Prior to the official release of TANTRA, we collected singles “Love In The Way (ft. Nicki Minaj)”, “Life Worth Living (ft. French Montana)” and “Soul Child (ft. Lil Wayne)”. Nonetheless, Yung Bleu experiments with pop, hip hop, and R&B, proving he not only can sing but can rap as well. Moreover, he writes about genuine love, sex, relationship hardships and more on TANTRA. 

“Fire Inside” By Yung Bleu & ZAYN  

Notably, “Fire Inside,” with ZAYN marks the “Pillowtalk” singers official return to music after over a year. The former One Direction member has not released music since the March 2021 collaboration with Ingrid Michaelson, “To Begin Again.” Fans feel enthusiastic about hearing his voice again on “Fire Inside.” Unexpectedly, Yung Bleu and ZAYN collaborate on an upbeat pop style track. It’s understandable why Bleu experiments with pop on this album, as “Fire Inside” will appeal to a large audience, because it’s bouncy and fun.

But in my opinion, the track is a generic pop song with an unmemorable chorus. Bleu and ZAYN have beautiful voices, and on “Fire Inside” their vocal abilities do not get the chance to shine. As far as the lyrical content, the two musicians have found someone special that they are completely mesmerized by.

Yung Bleu further talks about this diamond in the rough he has found on TANTRA. Specifically on “Hard To Find,” it is clear that this person is one in a million to him. More importantly, this love interest cared for him before the money and fame. “Way before the money and the cars and clothes / You always been the one that had me exposed / Way before the chain and the videos,” the chorus reads. 

“Freak Freak (feat. Kelly Rowland)” 

On the other hand, “Freak Freak” has a sexy vibe accompanied by vocals from veteran Kelly Rowland. The catchy hook and melodies make it a standout track from the project.

“Walk Through The Fire (feat. Ne-Yo)”

Following, we find Yung Bleu writing from the heart in his lyrics. The most vulnerable cut is likely the closer, “Walk Through Fire.” The piano ballad shows Bleu and Ne-Yo confessing their undying love for their significant others. “I fell in love with you / That’s why it’s hard to say goodbye / That’s why every time you smile / I get a little bit closer to the sky,” Ne-Yo sings. He will continue to love throughout hardships and repair the damage he has caused.

Ne-Yo recently was exposed by his wife for cheating on her. In “Walk Through Fire” Ne-Yo makes it clear he is not giving up on the relationship. “And I will walk through fire / Just to hear you say / Say I do, say I do,” he sings. Perhaps the most beautiful part of the project is the violin towards the end of the track leading into the bridge. 

Final Thoughts On TANTRA 

So is TANTRA a hit or a miss? In my opinion, most cuts from TANTRA are chill vibey tracks with a somber tone that don’t have much replay value. The tracks don’t differ much from each other except for a select few. Most definitely, the LP has highs, but there are more lows. Overall, it’s a miss for me. Let us know what y’all think in the comments.

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