“Lola” Is Lilith Czar’s Rock Redemption Ballad

Lilith Czar Might Be A “King,” But She’s Also “Lola”

Lilith Czar’s sophomore single, “Lola,” just dropped and it is certifiably goosebump-raising.


Juliet Simms was reborn as Lilith Czar. This rebirth comes with two amazing singles that show just how rock and roll can be when fronted by an honest woman. Her first single, “King,” was an edgy debut. It shocked the world, previous fans, and anyone who follows rock music. This was because of its raw emotion and true fierce lyricism. “Lola” is no different.


Diving Into This New Persona

As another persona, Lola is simply a darker version of Lilith, but still far removed from Juliet Simms. There is more passion and fervor in “Lola” than in “King,” which is saying a lot. “King” is a powerhouse anthem, but “Lola” is a harrowing lullaby. Czar is filled with dominance, but this new single strips down a few of her walls. As she wrote on Twitter on the day of it’s debut, “Had to go through and endure a lot to write this song – and it was all worth it.”


Her sweet vocals emit vulnerability before even diving into the lyrics. The song tells the story of how this performer got to where she is. The persona change, feelings of solitude and loneliness, and the importance of self discovery are all discussed in this song. 


Every action has a reaction and Czar found that out the hard way. But she learned to use negative actions and turn them into positive reactions, which meant diving into music that meant something to her. She’s just telling her gut-wrenching, but beautiful story to the world on her own rock and roll terms. There’s no shame, only praise, for something like that.


She spoke to Loudwire about the depth of this song and how “Lola” – as a sound and an image – came together.


“I wrote ‘Lola’ in Nashville right after being on the road for a couple months. The come down from touring is hardly something you can explain. You just feel misplaced and uneasy. Simultaneously I was going through a self discovery and entering into a new phase of my life. Darkness in the rear, I started to realize I had let something go and inversely let something else in. I wrote this song about an extremely hard time in my life, it’s about losing ourselves and becoming the monster that haunted you as a child. It’s a plea to meet and be taken back by the person you abandoned; your child self who set off in the world so full of hope.”


Lilith Czar also noted that “Lola” is an overarching version of herself put to music. “It’s no secret a rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle is like being swallowed by the devil. ‘Lola’ is me, an alter ego adolescent self before the world bore its teeth and this is my version of a rock n’ roll lullaby redemption song.”

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