Lilith Czar is Ready to be “King”

No matter how someone knows of the talent that is Juliet Simms, they don’t know Lilith Czar – yet.


“King” Lilith Czar Has Taken The Throne

You may know Lilith Czar as Juliet Simms. Simms grew up a rock chick part of the seminal emo band, Automatic Loveletter. There’s a possibility fans know her as the girl who sang The Beatles’ “Oh, Darling!” on The Voice a decade ago. Maybe, just maybe there are a few people out there who know her as Andy Biersack’s wife. (Simms married the Black Veil Brides’ frontman five years ago.)


Lilith Czar is the pseudo-alter ego to Miss Simm-Biersack. Czar is a powerful musical force preparing to dominate the world with music, passion, and headstrong flair. 


The musician felt out of control due to a battle with addiction and struggles of being controlled in the industry. She wanted to rule the world, be bold, and share a story that reflected all of that and more. In the end, Lilith Czar was born. Her debut single, “King,” is out now, and it’s unapologetically real. The authenticity within the evocative lyrics and gripping musicality is haunting and theatrical. The track is spirited in the sense of the classics (David Bowie and Stevie Nicks are notable influences.), while still being modern and vulnerable. (Yungblud, Olivia Rodrigo come to mind.)


Coming Soon: Created From Filth and Dust

In an introductory interview with Paper Mag, the reminded Juliet Simms broke down the process of creating Lilith Czar.


“I spent so much time not knowing who that was and it coincided with living in my own hell.” Therefore, she created her own (musical) heaven.

Lilith Czar is confident, self-assured, and fierce. Her music, videos, and performances are over-the-top without being in-your-face.  It’s timeless, relevant, and ready to be heard at the highest volume possible. “I wanted to create a story. I wanted to create something that would inspire them, that can help make them feel like they were also transforming, not just me. It’s not just a selfish thing, I want you to find your Lilith Czar, as well.”


Her debut record, Created From Filth and Dust, is out April 23. Fans new and old of this need to get ready for Lilith Czar’s unbridled passion, slick seduction, and authentic rock-and-roll. Why? Because she’s taking over modern rock with more melody, femininity, and honesty than ever before.

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