Eddie Benjamin Gets “Emotional” On Debut EP

Teen pop sensation Eddie Benjamin just released his debut EP Emotional. It features four songs, including a collaboration with Sia.

Although this is his debut EP, he’s been in the music industry for a while as part of the Haze Trio Band. Last year, he released his first solo single, “F*** My Friends,” in April, which now has almost three million streams on Spotify. A couple of months later, he teased the Emotional EP by dropping the lead single of the album, “Speechless.”

Working With Sia & Maddie Ziegler

Eddie just released the EP on April 2, but it already has gotten fans talking about it. “Diamond Eyes” features the brilliant Sia, and it’s a beautiful song that seems to be dedicated to his girlfriend Maddie Ziegler. The popular dancer accompanied Eddie in his latest music video for “Speechless.” 

In the video, she shows off her moves while Eddie performs the ballad. “The story is about an important moment in a relationship where you feel like you’re nearing the breaking point. It demonstrates how we sometimes go to crazy measures to show and prove our love. It was really awesome having Maddie involved. She has been a part of that song from the beginning and was one of the first people to hear it. Definitely, a full-circle moment to have her a part of the video,” Eddie shared. This is also the first time the couple has filmed together.

Eddie Reveals Amy Winehouse’s Influence On Emotional EP

The Emotional EP also features a cover of “Back to Black” by Amy Winehouse. During an interview with Euphoria Magazine, Eddie Benjamin shared why he decided to include it on the EP.

“That song has just been with me since I was really young. I used to listen to it all the time and have always loved Amy Winehouse as an artist. I also grew up with this black baby grand piano and would always play that song on it. To do a fully recorded version with live instruments was a really cool experience.”


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