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LISA of BLACKPINK’s ‘ROCKSTAR’ Tops The Viral Chart

Megan Thee Stallion and Tommy Richman also top this week's Trending Tracks chart!
Courtesy of LLOUD Co.

Welcome to Music Daily’s Trending Tracks, where we highlight the artists and trends occupying the music industry’s attention. Some come out of the woodwork, others have endured a months-long crusade to greatness. Nonetheless, all of them are captivating the short-circuited minds of Gen-Z social media users.

This week, LISA of BLACKPINK’s new single, “ROCKSTAR,” breaks YouTube records as other group members announced solo endeavors. Camila Cabello’s latest album, C,XOXO, treads more experimental hip-hop rather than the hyperpop collaboration “I LUV IT” with Playboi Carti, the prime takeaway being “Dade County Dreaming,” featuring JT & Yung Miami. Other entries from Karol G, Megan Thee Stallion and Tommy Richman complete this week’s Trending Tracks.

“Dade County Dreaming” by Camila Cabello (feat. JT & Yung Miami)

C,XOXO is an ode to Camila’s 305 days and a return to Miami hip-hop and rap. Produced greatly by El Guincho (Björk, FKA Twigs, Rosalía), the project enlists A+ features from Drake, Playboi Carti and the more unexpected “Dade County Dreaming” with City Cirls’ JT & Yung Miami. Where the now-platinum blonde singer anchors the tantalizing and snobby rich 808s, the Floridian rap duo has the streets “on lock” with profane bubbalicious verses. Stream “Dade County Dreaming” by Camila Cabello (feat. JT & Yung Miami) below!

“Si Antes Te Hubiera Conocido” by Karol G

In collaboration with Coke Studio, Karol G released her merengue-influenced single, “Si Antes Te Hubiera Conocido.” Translated to “If Before You Had Known,” the new release continues the story of her GRAMMY-winning album, MAÑANA SERÁ BONITO, and its theme of self-healing, which she found during her Dominican Republic staycation.

In an Instagram caption promoting “Si Antes Te Hubiera Conocido,” the Colombian singer-songwriter hyped the tropical island. “I worked there when I need to disconnect from the world and connect with myself, I also go,” she said. “Its culture, its music, its colors, the hospitality, the energy… everything feels very authentic and special there. Its people have embraced me in a way that fills my heart and inspires me all the time.” Stream “Si Antes Te Hubiera Conocido” by Karol G below!


As all BLACKPINK members announced their solo ventures earlier this year, Lisa is the first to premiere music. And her new single, “ROCKSTAR,” sets a new standard of K-pop performance. A song deemed “bigger than K-pop” soared past 27 million YouTube views in its first day of release, more than any Korean release this year. In the high-budget music video, Lisa rampages through Thailand nightlife, brimming with neo-city grit, alongside her dance crew.

Her international star power reaches an all-time high during her dance break, which samples from Tame Impala’s iconic glittery synth that Rihanna popularized on 2016’s “Same Ol’ Mistakes.” The electro-pop single is the first release released under her private label, LLOUD, and resurrects her solo career, which first started three years ago with “LALISA.” Stream “ROCKSTAR” by LISA below!

“Rattle” by Megan Thee Stallion

Remember when Nicki Minaj beefed with Megan The Stallion on January’s diss track “Big Foot”? Well, Megan waited till her self-titled album to clear the air. While the majority of the track list analyzes the Houston rapper’s traumatic few years as a retrospective checkpoint in her “Hottie” healing process, album track “Rattle” is one of a few tracks that are instantly poisonous.

“Ain’t got no tea on me, this h* think she TMZ,” Megan repeats throughout the track. Other times, you have KO one-liners: “Damn, b****, it been four years / Worry ’bout your man and your kid. / Your life must be borin’ as f*** if you still reminiscin’ ’bout s*** that we did.” We are witnessing a hip-hop smackdown in real time. Stream “Rattle” by Megan Thee Stallion below!

“DEVIL IS A LIE” by Tommy Richman

First previewed on TikTok live, “DEVIL IS A LIE” follows Tommy Richman’s hit “MILLION DOLLAR BABY.” The highly anticipated single features a young Pharrell Williams-esque production, the Brent Faiyaz signee’s signature textured vocals, a VHS-constructed music video of clubs and cars. Stream “DEVIL IS A LIE” by Tommy Richman below!

For more on Camila Cabello, Tommy Richman, Karol G and artists like them, read more stories on Music Daily!

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