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LISA Shows Her ‘ROCKSTAR’ Energy in Comeback

LISA is back with her single "ROCKSTAR," which marks the first release under her own company with RCA Records partnership.
Courtesy of RCA Records/ LLOUD Co.

A Little About LISA

After eight years as BLACKPINK’s main dancer and rapper, LISA is now the CEO of her own label. This comes after all of the girls did not re-sign their solo contracts with YG Entertainment. They will continue to be a group under their label, but three out of four members made their own companies. ROSÉ signed to BLACKPINK’s main producer TEDDY’s label, The Black Label.

LISA created LLOUD Co. signing with RCA Records for a partnership. This will help LISA become a global phenomenon with the right promotion and new sound in any of her future endeavors. LISA as a soloist has one song with over a billion streams and holds multiple Guinness World Records. Her first solo project also earned her a VMA Award for best K-pop song in 2022. Since deciding not to re-sign for solo projects with YG Entertainment, she has been quite busy. In Thailand, she was filming the new season of The White Lotus while shutting down the Chinatown streets to film the music video for her first-ever solo comeback, “ROCKSTAR.” She has been teasing the song since she posted a snippet to TikTok at the beginning of June.


Courtesy of RCA Records/ LLOUD Co.

“ROCKSTAR,” by LISA, came out on June 27 with an accompanying music video. The track is hip-hop with a techno beat that showcases LISA’s incredible vocal skills and effortless rap flows. It is a catchy song with full English lyrics similar to her previous track, “MONEY.” Additionally, a slow breakdown appears near the end—a perfect addition to the track. In this section of the track, Tame Impala’s “New Person, Same Old Mistake” serves as the instrumental. This adds a futuristic vibe to the hard-hitting song. After this incredible section, the song goes back to the hard-hitting bars LISA spits to finish “ROCKSTAR.”

“ROCKSTAR” shows LISA rightfully talking smack about how she is at the top of the industry and that there should be respect for the name LALISA. She is a rockstar who is just getting started and is known around the world as an icon. She talks about her impact as an ace rapper and singer. LISA wrote and composed the track alongside the iconic Ryan Tedder who has worked previously on RCA label mate Tate McRae’s album, including the hit “Greedy.”

“ROCKSTAR” MV and Achievements

The music video is LISA’s best work yet. It features Thailand’s Chinatown where she paid $540 for each store to close down early for the filming. She shows off her insane dance moves with the help of the iconic Sean Bankhead as the choreographer. Bankhead has worked on Tate McRae’s “Greedy,” Victoria Monet’s recent videos and more. Additionally, LISA was decked out in multiple luxury brand looks for the video to match the track. LISA talks about being dripped out in this track and she definitely wasn’t kidding. Her budget for the music video was massive. There were incredible edits and jumps in the video which really helped bring the video to an even bigger scale.

In the first hour of the release of “ROCKSTAR,” the music video garnered over a million views, which makes it the fastest video viewed in 2024 so far, and for LISA’s solo work in general. The music video went #1 on US iTunes and, as of June 28, sits at number four on the US iTunes Charts. After just 16 hours of its release, the “ROCKSTAR” video has over 26 million views and 3.2 million likes. LISA is doing it all and is pulling in impressive numbers for her first release as CEO of her own label.

Upcoming BLACKPINK Concert Movie in Theaters

Courtesy of Trafalgar Releasing Limited/ YG Entertainment

Along with LISA’s incredible return as a soloist, BLACKPINK World Tour Born Pink in Cinemas will be out July 31st in select theaters. Their 2022-2023 tour went to iconic stadiums all around the world and iconic festivals were headlined. BLACKPINK headlined Coachella in California and BST Hyde Park in London. Read here to check the theaters around you to find seats for the concert movie and check out LISA’s new track now!

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