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Tommy Richman’s ‘Million Dollar Baby’ Is Still A Summer Hit

Tommy Richman's "Million Dollar Baby" is on our Trending Tracks chart again. Read to learn more about the artist.
Tommy Richman on YouTube

Continuing to stay in the Top 3 on our Trending Tracks chart, American singer and rapper Tommy Richman continues to amaze fans everywhere with “Million Dollar Baby.” It’s still No. 1 on TikTok!

Starting his career releasing music on SoundCloud and Spotify, he released his debut song, “Ballin’ Stalin,” in 2016. He then continued to release singles from that point on, like “Pleasantville,” a song well-received in his fan base. Fast forward to 2022, he finally released his debut EP, Paycheck, signing with his first record label a year later. He opened for Brent Faiyaz’s tour F*** the World, then the It’s A Wasteland tour later in 2023. Later, he was featured on Faiyaz’s hit song “Upset.” Richman then released another EP, The Rush, in the same year.

In April 2024, Richman released his single, “Million Dollar Baby.” The track quickly received 38 million streams on TikTok. It also made its way up to the number two spot on the US Billboard Hot 100, being considered the song of the summer. It also debuted as the number two spot on the TikTok Billboard Top 50 list as of May 11, 2024. The song then reached the number one spot the following week. 

Commenting on the then-new hit “Million Dollar Baby,” Tommy Richman spoke with Billboard. “It was the combination of the sound of the VHS camera, the vibe of the people in the studio, how short the snippet was and how in your face the audio was,” he said. “The audio is really loud. I compare the audio to my other TikToks, and the one snippet is in your face. I think that’s why it caught on.”

With a music video arriving ahead of summer, Richmond is already working on his debut album, titled Coyote. He believes it will be beyond a one-hit wonder. As for Richman himself, his goal is to continue his run as this summer’s most popular artist.

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