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JID and Lil Yachty Release ‘Half Doin’ Dope’ Feat BabyTron

As part of a double single release with the track “Van Gogh,” JID and Lil Yachty add BabyTron to their forces for the new single “Half Doin’ Dope.”

Monte Booker and Christo produced the song. Benjamin Tolbert, James Edward Johnson III, JID, and Lil Yachty wrote it. Big names involved typically mean a work of art came out of the process. This song is no exception.

JID raps over the beat: “She got the mouth and a throat of a G.O.A.T / But be on the proud to go f–k wit’ my bro / You scandalous hoеs, Olivia Pope / I’m having some motion I’m having some brunch in Miami with Hova.”

Meanwhile, Yachty raps, “Ten on the house, put it right on your neck / Ten thousand dollars, put right on your ex / If you late this time, it’s higher than a jet.” BabyTron adds, “Easy or the hard way, I took the crack route / Ain’t it crazy that I never had to work the trap house? / Novak Djokovic how I put ’em racks out / Old girl feelin’ cute cause she got her a– out.”

Compared to “Van Gogh,” this song is a lighter take on the lives of the rappers involved in the making of the upcoming Blakkboyz album. It offers a good balance between serious and humorous, gritty and light.

Featuring BabyTron

JID and Lil Yachty’s 2023 is a stacked year of releases. As for BabyTron, 2023 has been a great entry in the early career of the 23-year-old rapper. He released 6 in June of this year, a 15-track album. BabyTron adds some comedic relief to the upcoming Blakkboyz album. As evident in his solo work as well as on his feature, his rap lyrics are more light-hearted, even comedic. He also released the YouTube-exclusive EP THEY WON’T CLEAR THIS, a 4-track EP.

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