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Lil Durk and J. Cole Team Up On New Track, “All My Life”

Lil Durk and J. Cole in the 'All My Life' music video

Chicago-based rapper Lil Durk has just dropped an inspiring new track, “All My Life,” with a special feature from none other than J. Cole.

Lil Durk’s Hard-Hitting Truth in ‘All My Life’

The rap song was produced by Dr. Luke and comprises of a children’s choir that pushes a hard-hitting, motivational story written in the chorus: “All my life / They been tryin’ to keep me down / All this time / Never thought I would make it out / They couldn’t break me…” To all the doubters, the media, and anyone else trying to keep Lil Durk down: all the negativity only makes him stronger as an individual and as an aritst.

Moreover, Lil Durk discusses heavy topics in “All My Life,” rapping about his views on the American justice system and the struggles of rising to fame despite the odds stacked against him. In the first verse, Lil Durk confides that he is trying to better himself and be more mindful of his health- a message he is trying to push to the younger generation. He later acknowledges that backwardness of the fame that descends upon individuals after they’ve passed:

“These days seein’ rappers be dyin’ / Way before they even gettin’ they shine / I never even heard of lil buddy / ‘Til somebody murdered lil buddy… / All day in my room, thinkin ‘Damn, / This shit wicked to get they name buzzin’ / Some … just gotta go lay in a tomb”

-J. Cole’s feature in the second verse of Lil Durk’s ‘All My Life’

My personal favorite part of the song comes right after the lines above. J. Cole goes on to bash the media for flocking to headlines around rappers’ deaths despite never giving them attention while they were alive. I think it’s best I let J. Cole summarize it himself:

“I got a new rule / If you ain’t never posted a rapper when he was alive / You can’t post about him after he get hit”

Lil Dirk’s Upcoming Album, “Almost Healed”

All in all, Lil Durk and J. Cole teamed up to produce one killer track prior to Durk’s new album. Fans can stream the upcoming album “Almost Healed” on May 26- postponed two weeks after the initial announced date. Lastly, Lil Durk released a music video alongside the new track, directed by Steve Cannon. Check it out down below!

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