January 30, 2023



Amy Shark Speaks About Loneliness On “Cry Forever”

Amy Shark’s sophomore album, Cry Forever, is finally out. On it, the indie pop singer-songwriter speaks up about facing loneliness while growing up and the hard work to get to where she is now.

Amy Shark Explores Different Genres On Cry Forever

Digging deep into her past life, Amy Shark exhibits how growing up without the support of her father was for her on Cry Forever. She also explores different genres of music, such as country alongside Keith Urban, and synth-pop.

About Cry Forever, she explained to Apple Music, “I was ready to go to different places and get a little deeper. I just learned to capitalize on every hypersensitive moment, whether I was upset or tired or anxious or happy. I just make sure that I pick up a guitar and try and get it out that way. It’s a balance of wanting to be really raw and authentic and the artist that I want to be, but also not an idiot—I’m wanting to sell records. So I try and find a healthy balance of that world.”

The album features songs that range from heartfelt, painful ballads to more upbeat melodies. In all of them, Shark shows sincerity in her songwriting and lets fans see a new side of her, helping us get to know her better. 

Gaining Popularity With “Everybody Rise”

The first single off Cry Forever was “Everybody Rise,” which came out in June of last year. It has reached almost 20 million streams on Spotify, making it her second most popular song on the platform right below 2018’s “I Said Hi.” This one was featured on her debut album Love Monster. 

Amy Shark shared, “‘Cry Forever’ is one of the biggest pop songs I think I’ll ever write. I can thank Joel Little (her co-writer) for that. He really turned my demo around. Even to this day, it sounds like such an uplifting song, but it’s a really emo unrequited love story that was a big part of my life for so long. It’s still one of those things that I still enjoy writing about because it’s not a nice feeling. Especially now, being a musician, people really adore everything that you do. And it’s funny because I’ve just been that person where I’ve worshipped others. So it’s a tongue-in-cheek song about that as well.”

Amy Shark Reveals Her Past Life

“Amy Shark” is the track that gives us a glimpse into the star’s childhood and teenage years. She included cameos of those times in the music video. In addition to showing fans her was a little girl playing with her guitar, she shows herself singing in small venues a little older. By the end, she shows us footage of her more recent shows, which have a bigger crowd and display where she is now. 

Also, in 2017, she tweeted “Haven’t heard from my father in 15 years until now. It must suck knowing ur daughter got all this way on her very own! Now beat it! I’m busy.”

We’re proud to see how far Amy Shark has grown and can’t wait to see more of this incredible, hard-working artist. 

Cry Forever Tracklist:

  1. The Wolves
  2. Everybody Rise
  3. Worst Day of My Life
  4. C’MON (Ft. Travis Barker)
  5. All the Lies About Me
  6. Miss You
  7. Love Songs Ain’t for Us (Ft. Keith Urban)
  8. I’ll Be Yours
  9. You’ll Never Meet Anyone Like Me Again
  10.  That Girl
  11.  Lonely Still
  12.  Baby Steps
  13.  Amy Shark

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