Kim Petras Takes Over Late Night TV

Grammy-nominee Kim Petras takes mainstream music success beyond radio and performs on Saturday Night Live and Late Night with Seth Meyers.

Grammy-nominee Kim Petras takes mainstream music success beyond radio and performs on Saturday Night Live and Late Night with Seth Meyers.
Kim Petras (Instagram)

This past weekend, the German-born singer stole the SNL castmates’ hearts on January 23 while meeting her idol, Madonna, afterward. But last night (January 23rd,) Kim met another idol, Hilary Duff while sitting down with Seth Meyers and performing her latest single, “Brrr.”

Saturday Night Live

White Lotus‘s Aubrey Plaza lead SNL’s January 21st show with Sam Smith as the accompanying musical act. Before diving into the performances, let’s reflect on the host Aubrey Plaza’s full circle moment as she was once an intern and auditioned for the same program.

The deadpan actress grew up in Wilmington, Delaware. She was crowned “Delaware’s Most Famous Person,” beating the current President, Joe Biden. However, it wouldn’t be Plaza if she didn’t make a dig at that fact. But even she didn’t expect Biden to say anything… until he did. Check out Aubrey Plaza’s monologue below.

Now, Sam is obviously doing a press tour for his upcoming album, Gloria, out January 27. However, during the promotion of the January 21 show, there was no mention of Petras. You cannot have an “Unholy” performance without the iconic second-verse rap. So, where did the singer hide? Under Sam Smith’s enormous pink-feathered dress!

Petras did not miss a beat during the transition and pranced about the stage in her short white dress while beating out the loud backing vocals. As the song ended, she did the famous Sharon Stone leg cross from “Basic Instinct” to pay homage to the actress in the crowd.

Kim Petras On Late Night With Seth Meyers

Last night (January 23rd), Petras appeared alongside Hilary Duff on Late Night with Seth Meyers. In addition to performing her debut performance of “Brrr,” she talked to Meyers about her music and her success with Sam Smith. Everything from her Grammy nomination for her “very gay club song” with Sam Smith to new music.

The debut performance of “Brrr” perfectly showcases why Petras is the next pop superstar: equally insane stage presence mixed with crazy vocals and vibrato. A severely gorgeous faux-leather trench coat and white faux fur boots left little room for choreography. But, the vocal slayage was enough of a “wow” factor to last a lifetime.

Petras squeals about her upcoming summer tour, her first time since the pandemic. Does this mean new music is on the way? Well, according to this Twitter reply, the answer is YES!

Talking about her unconventional entry into her recent SNL performance, she revealed she had a hard time concealing herself despite her cool exterior. “And also, Sam was moving a lot, so I was like — don’t know if you guys know the Lil Kim dance, but I was like,” Petras proceeds to mimic Lil Kim’s robotic dance movements.

Are you excited for new Kim Petras music? Let us know in the comments!

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