February 08, 2023



Indian-American Singer Shuba Drops New Single

Shuba incorperates music in a humorous, creative way on TikTok but insists that her original music is meant to "empower people."

TikTok native Shuba releases her latest single, “Bad Date,” a light pop track filled with the worst intentions. The singer tells Rolling Stone, that she “makes music for the misfits, for people who feel not too much of one thing and not too much of the other. The people who always felt in between two different things.” Her thoughtful intention to musicmaking earns Shuba today’s Music Discovery highlight!

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In 2020, The singer got her start on TikTok doing vocal impressions of other famous singers, most notably Céline Dion and Ariana Grande. Shuba incorporates music in a humorous, creative way on TikTok but insists that her original music is meant to “empower people.” Freddy Mercury, Rihanna, and Eminem are some of the artists that empower Shuba herself.

What makes these artists a “holy trinity” is that their race was subsidiary to their impact on music and its genre. In Shuba’s own words, “He [Eminem] loved rapping, like this is all he had, and I think his talent and his passion transcends stereotypes.”

Her work isn’t a collection of statement pieces, but someone being unapologetically themselves. A standout moment is her 2021 single “Indian Summer” a mixture of influences including a Bollywood flare over trap production. With 7M streams on Spotify its Shuba’s most popular song. But also the moment where the singer found her voice in music.

“Bad Date” By Shuba

Ever had someone who screwed you over and is already back in the dating game? Well, you wish them a bad date. But Shuba makes an sparse trap and guitar pop anthem out of it. The singer provides a good scream-worthy chorus for our feelings. Repeats will be necessary.

“But I hope you’re on a bad date right now. She only talks about herself. She makes you feel so small. She’ll never win at all. And even if she stays the night, wish her body was mine. When you kiss her while you leave, I hope you picture me.”

What do you think of our Music Discovery Shuba and her new single, “Bad Date?” Let us know in the comments.

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