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Sam Smith Releases “Gimme” With Jessie Reyez & Koffee

"The new single GIMME feat. @Jessiereyez and @originalkoffee will premiere on @BBCR1 as Clara Amfo’s Hottest Record Wednesday at 6pm GMT ❤️✨" @samsmith Via Twitter
Sam Smith. @samsmith On Twitter


Sam Smith, Jessie Reyez and Koffee bring the heat with the unexpected collaboration “Gimme.” The dancehall-infused track marks the third single for Sam Smith’s fourth studio album, Gloria, out January 27. Initially, Smith would tease the single on December 6, 2022, uploading a snippet of “Gimme” on their social media. After that, they would announce the release date on January 6, 2023.

The Creative Process

The trio tap into their sexual side expressing their desires. And Sam Smith, Jessie Reyez, and Koffee know exactly what they want from their partner. In depth, Smith reveals this about “Gimme” via a press release: 

“I’m a sexual person, I like sex. It’s something I’m teaching myself to not be ashamed of. Me and Jessie were basically drunk, drinking whisky in Jamaica, two in the morning, running around absolutely wasted, like two girlfriends having a laugh, it’s a very sensual song.”

Jessie Reyez from "MUTUAL FRIEND" Music Video
Jessie Reyez from “MUTUAL FRIEND” Music Video

Firstly, Jessie Reyez sets the track in motion offering a simple, repetitive chorus. As well, she gives subtle backing vocals on the verses of “Gimme.” Actually, this is not the first time we’ve heard Reyez and Smith on a track together. Their duo “Promises” produced by Calvin Harris has accumulated over 900 million streams. And so, it’s only right the duo would collaborate again. 

Secondly, Sam Smith sings about a love interest who embodies everything the singer is looking for. And Smith gives clear directions to them, so they can take things slow in the bedroom. “So n** before you come over / Relax, walk before you run / Your eyes on my dun, dun-dun-dun / I need you to come closer,” they sensually sing. 

Koffee Is The Icing On The Track

Undoubtedly, rising reggae artist Koffee reigning from Jamaica is the best part of “Gimme.” Smith and Reyez feel out of place on the song, and Koffee sounds like she was meant for the track. She makes it her own, floating on the beat seamlessly. “Oh, when mi pull up in a place yuh fi see mi, see mi / Got what mi want and what yuh got yuh better gimme-gimme / Mi rock yuh body, ooh suh go rock yuh body fi mi,” Koffee sings. The musician has her eyes set on someone, and their sexual chemistry is undeniable.


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