Chloë Puts In The Work at VMAs with “Have Mercy”

All eyes were on Chloë, of R&B sister-duo Chloë x Halle, as she worked out her highly anticipated debut single, “Have Mercy,” at the VMA’s. Although 23-year-old singer felt the pressure since this was her solo debut, the single reached astounding success on TikTok beforehand. Chloë finished her operatic intro with a big scream, hyping up the crowd into her first ever live performance of “Have Mercy.” The infectious line opener, “Booty so big (Work), Lord, have mercy,” isn’t just an indicator of when the beat drops, but a steady confidence booster throughout. The star-studded crowd went wild, cheering on Chloe as she served live vocals with intense choreography, never missing a beat. Despite being feeling the pressure, she delivered an unforgettable and electrifying performance, where it ended with tears of joy.

Watch Chloë’s live performance of “Have Mercy” at the VMAs here: 

 Chloë Works Hard in “Have Mercy” Music Video

Chloë released both her debut single and music video last Friday, September 10th. The video begins with a radio announcing a missing person report. We find that Chloë, a turned-seductress, has been luring boys to her house, with her looks and twerking abilities. She wears a burlesque-inspired bikini, drenched head-to-toe in crystals, including a headpiece, singing, “Why it keep costing like it do?” The 23-year-old boosts herself while flanked by backup dancers, where boys watch from afar, hypnotized. A song of self-confidence, not afraid to tell the boys how it is, “If I count to three, bet you be on your knees. You wrapped ’round my hand, like a Cartier.” As the song progresses, her harmonies build into a swell, luring the boys, who turn to stone upon being with her, solidifying her independence. “Have Mercy” is Chloë’s domain, where everyone is a mere spectator to her amazing talent.


Check out Chloë’s Music Video “Have Mercy” here:

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