Magdalena Bay: New Psychedelic-Punk Single, “You Lose!”

The third single to Magdalena Bay’s debut album Mercurial World

Self-proclaimed “synth-pop duo straight from the simulation,” Magdalena Bay has just released, You Lose!, the third single to their debut album.  With the release of You Lose! the LA-based duo now has three singles out for their first album, Mercurial World.  After the release of three different EP’s, you can expect the album to arrive on October 8th.  Further, Magdalena Bay describes the release as “madness in containment” because of the influence that quarantine and COVID-19 have on the album.  Certainly, you can feel that madness in this latest single.

It’s edgy and trippy

Promo for You Lose! by Magdalena BayConsequently, You Lose! channels that madness in a psychedelic-punk way.  Vocalist and one-half of the band, Mica Tenenbaum, has vocals that you could easily mistake for Grimes on the single.  Her voice glides throughout the track surrounded by glitchy “power-down” samples and a fuzzy guitar.  Additionally, the angsty song is produced and written, completely by Magdalena Bay, to be an ode to the loser in a crumbling relationship.  The chorus yells, “Your lips touching mine won’t do. Only what’s left of my pride, could fall for a lie,” to show the one who lost, that their time in this game is over.  It’s punk rock and it’s right in line with the brand and sound Magdalena Bay has been creating.

Magdalena Bay’s retro look at losing

Fluffy from "You Lose!" music videoWith that comes a slew of music videos to accompany their music, even a video for You Lose!.  The video was directed and edited by Magdalena Bay themselves.  It shows VHS-like cuts of the group flopping over and over again.  Additionally, you see the duo rocking out to the song while searching for their lost ghoul, fluffy.  In all, the video is a retro depiction of what it’s like for Magdalena Bay to lose.  However, losing isn’t something to expect from the group.  You can anticipate a win for their debut LP Mercurial World. Experience the album on October 8th.

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