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COBRAH’s “GOOD PUSS” gets even hotter with cupcakKe

COBRAH’s “GOOD PUSS” is now even better

Stockholm’s COBRAH makes music made for the club.  Heavy bass, dark, and full of sex, her music draws inspiration from Brooke Candy, Sevdaliza, and BDSM.  Her bratty 2018 debut single IDFKA is dizzying.  Along with the string of singles that followed COBRAH showed that she was not afraid to do the most with her music.  Truly giving the girls what they want, she taps into the squeaky-clean industrialism of SOPHIE with themes influenced by her experience with the fetish club scene.  Debuting her self-titled EP last year, COBRAH has already been nominated for a Swedish Grammy and opened for Charli XCX.  Now, the artist recruits Chicago rapper cupcakKe for a remix of her hit GOOD PUSS.

Cobrah Via Twitter

CPR aficionado cupcakKe’s clever lyricism is a masterful skill that we can not underestimate.  Not afraid to flaunt her sex and confidence, the rapper is a perfect match for the brashness (positive) of COBRAH.  On the track, cupcakKe tip-toes into the first verse and perfectly compliments the, already girlboss, energy of COBRAH’s lyrics.  “The p**sy popping like a balloon at a gender reveal/This ain’t no non-profit p**sy, b*tch, you payin’ my bills” boasts cupcakKe.  Her swagger is the perfect addition to an already banging song.

Did it finish?

That being said, another verse by cupcakKe would be even better.  Having her talent, a remix of the refrain, or even lyrics over the breakdown would add more variety.  Everyone loves hearing cupcakKe, why not really show her talent?  Additionally, what makes a remix exciting is how a track can be remolded and still hold its original appeal.  COBRAH’s Good PusS remix is a little too close to the initial track (for me). Nonetheless, COBRAH continues to provoke with her music.

Finally, if you want more of COBRAH’s music, comment down below what you want to hear.

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