Just Friends Are Proud To Be “Basic”

Just Friends Are Doing DIY a Little Bit Differently

Hailing from Dublin, California, Just Friends is a nine-piece band with a long history. They began playing together in 2013 in Sam Kless’ garage, enlisting help from his high school band classmates. When the band formed, they billed themselves as a punk rock act, but their sound has evolved incredibly since their early days. In 2015, Just Friends released their first studio album, Rock 2 the Rhythm. It harbors a heavy emo, pop-punk feel, with an interesting funk-rock flare. And since then, the band has only gotten more experimental with their releases. Fans of pop-punk also may know that Just Friends members Eric Butler, and Sam Kless are no strangers to the DIY scene. They also play in the pop-punk band Mom Jeans.

Are they Basic? Maybe. Do They Care? No.

The band dropped their latest EP, Basic, on January 20. The EP’s title track has features from Hobo Johnson and rapper Lil B. There’s a very evident ska influence, with plenty of horns and melodic Caribbean rhythms. It’s a charming ode to friendship, with the chorus repeating, “Face it, we’re basic/Chillin’ with my friends, they’re my favorite”.

Just Friends also tap Lil B for a few verses on, “Stupid.” On this track, they bring the heat with rapid-fire drums, chugging guitars, and blaring horns. More than anything, this track proves the inability to put Just Friends into a single genre. The instrumentation and production take from a variety of influences. Then add Brianda “Brond” Goyos Leon’s rapping into the mix and you’re left with a truly unique track. Check out the video for “Stupid” below.

They’re Hella Excited for Their Next Album

Just Friends’ third studio album, Hella, is due out March 4 via Pure Noise Records. The band announced the album through an Instagram video, saying they’ve waited two years to release it. They followed it up writing, “Our music has evolved a lot and that’s kinda scary cus I’ve seen some of you walk out once you realize we’re not playing WM (Welcome Mats) anymore.” “But there’s also you, who stans and loves and appreciates us for who we were, are, and are becoming,” they added. Just Friends are set to kick off their Love Letter Tour on March 4 in Berkley. Click here to check out a full list of tour dates.



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