Julien Baker’s “Favor” Features Phoebe Bridgers/Lucy Dacus

With A Little Help From Her Friends

Julien Baker’s “Favor” asked her talented friends to sing on a new song of hers. It might have been a favor to Baker, but it’s her fans that are reaping the benefits. The combination of Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus, and Julien Baker is a dream for many.   Phoebe Bridgers and Lucy Dacus sing backup on Julien Baker’s “Favor.” Both alternative singers are great performers in their own right, too. Bridgers and Dacus make indie rock and pop for the modern feminist. While Baker’s style is softer, it packs just as much of a punch. Throwing these three sensations together has made for a heavenly hit song.   Julien Baker is an indie rock musician who intertwines emo stylings and folk storytelling in her music. Every new song that she releases is a hit. Whether a song skyrockets online or becomes a fan favorite, people adore it. (Her 1.3 million Spotify listeners are also always there to stream her songs.)  

Julien Baker’s “Favor” Leads Into Little Oblivions

“Favor” is no different. Since it’s February 3rd release, it has over half a million streams. The acoustic guitar based track is filled with angelic harmonies and soft vocals. It is a beautiful song that screams ‘movie soundtrack material.’   “Favor” is Baker’s second single of 2021 after “Hardline.”  It is also her third single ahead of her forthcoming full length album, Little Oblivions. This album will be the third from the Tennessee based singer-songwriter.    Little Oblivions is set to cover Julien Baker’s life and subsequent career through song. In an autobiographical sense, the record captures a moment in this star’s life and shares it with fans. The upcoming release will feature 12 songs almost solely done by Baker.   That’s right, she’s not just a melodic singer. She’s also a drummer, a guitarist, and much more. She’s practically a one person band! Julien Baker’s “Favor” puts that on grand display.   From acoustic guitar and piano arrangements to banjo and mandolin moments, Little Oblivions is all Julien Baker. Is there anything more that fans could want from the star?
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