Bad Bunny & Rosalia Heat up in SNL

Bad Bunny and Rosalia released the music video for their single ‘La Noche De Anoche’ last week, and they showed us how much chemistry they really have in last night’s episode of SNL.

Bad Bunny & Rosalia Get Close

The couple’s dance moves were heated up during the performance as they sang the sexy song. The song is about the insecurities that arise after having an encounter the night before. Both emphasize that the night was unforgettable and that it caused them inexplicable feelings. But, for this reason, they’re afraid it will never happen again. This fear is based on the countless love disappointments that both have suffered throughout their lives.

“Porque la noche de anoche fue / Algo que yo no puedo explicar / Eso era dando y dándole sin parar / Tú me decías que morías por mí”. The couple sang while getting the audience excited and getting closer to each other. These lyrics translate to “Because last night was / Something that I can’t explain / That was giving and giving without stopping / You told me that you were dying for me”.

When the song was coming to an end, the duo got even closer to each other. They made us think they were going to kiss on stage. They teased each other for a couple of moments being face-to-face until the song came to an end and they just hugged each other. (What a pair of teasers!)

Bad Bunny Showed his Acting Skills!

But the duo’s performance wasn’t the only one that Bad Bunny had in store for us last night. He also showed his acting skills in a sketch alongside the SNL’s crew, where they all pretended to be pirates on a lost ship. The singer acted as a captain that seemed to not know a lot about the ocean, making it a really funny sketch.

Closer to the end of the show, Bad Bunny came back to the stage to perform his single ‘Te Deseo Lo Mejor.’ He showed off his great outfit and vocal range during the chill song, where he made us all want to sing along.

Go watch Bad Bunny’s performance on last night’s SNL!

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