Julien Baker Releases ‘Hardline’ Single

Julien Baker Draws a ‘Hardline’

Julien Baker has released a brand new single, ‘Hardline’, with an accompanying music video. The track comes hot off the upcoming album Little Oblivions, due out February 26th.

‘Hardline’ is a product of isolation, as were so many new releases from musicians since last March. This is the second single from what is going to be the singer-songwriter’s third album. The first single out of the gate was ‘Faith Healer’, a somber ditty drawing metaphors between drug dealers and faith healers.

Likewise, ‘Hardline’ is a song that demands your attention. It tackles the topics Baker often returns to, depression and addiction. Those are subjects you might think you can’t bang your head to. Think again, because the lush instrumental breaks and Baker’s beautiful crooning make you want to do just that.

It’s safe to say Julien Baker didn’t let 2020’s hardships stop her from getting work done. Her fans are all the more thankful for it. That is to say, it’s been four years since her last record, Turn Out the Lights. A 12-track auditory trip through Baker’s world is just what the people need.

Recording an album was one of the various avenues Baker preoccupied her time with last year. She also did various podcast episodes discussing music, mental health, and sobriety, and she recorded backup vocals for Paramore’s Hayley Williams.

You can watch the new music video in the clip above or listen to ‘Hardline’ on your favorite streaming service. Pre-order Julien Baker’s upcoming album Little Oblivions off of her website or purchase it in stores near you on February 26th.

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